Are 40k Super Heavy Flyers Good? Marauder Destroyer

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Good 40k Super Heavy Flyers: Marauder Destroyer

Are super heavy flyers good anymore? We break down the rules and show you how cool the l in this hobby showcase.

Today we take a look at one of the oldest kits still available from Forge World. This Marauder Destroyer was painted by Dark Bunny Creatives and is a behemoth on the tabletop.

Are 40k Super Heavy Flyers Good? Marauder Destroyer

Let’s see what all this flying murder machine can bring to a game of Warhammer 40k.

Imperial Navy Marauder Destroyer: £210

Fw Destroyer

The Marauder Destroyer variant was developed during the second war for Armageddon after heavy losses among Imperial Navy forces. Ork air power quickly came to dominate the skies across Armageddon, and forced the few remaining Marauders to be refitted to operate at night, flying at extremely low level where they could evade detection. Their new heavier weapon payload makes them ideal tank hunters, capable of destroying even super-heavy vehicles in a single attack run.

This is a massive multi-part resin kit, with a wingspan of 18 inches (450mm). Includes Pilot and Gunners and features two fully moving turrets. Hellstrike missiles shown for illustration purposes only.

marauder FW

We start out on the Forge World Site to see exactly what you can expect to pay for the Marauder Destroyer and talk a little bit about the history of the 15 + year old kit.

Rob then shows us the Marauder Destroyer from his personal collection expertly painted by Dark Bunny Creatives and even goes over his custom color scheme for his Death Korps of Krieg army.

Mag Marauder

Here we get to see some great ways to magnetize your kit so you can change weapons or even attempt to fit this massive kit into a storage or travel case.

Flight Stand Marauder

When this kit was released there was no flight stands on the market from Games Workshop. So Rob shows you a great workaround for this Miniature to bring its flying capabilities up to date.

Marauder Book

Last but not least we get to take a look at the rules for this flying fort. Plus, some in-depth strategies and ways to use this great Forge World kit to your advantage on the Battlefield.

We believe this kit only gets better with age. Make sure you check out our full video of the Forge World Imperial Navy Marauder Destroyer.

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