Painting Minis with Nurgle Style: Next Level Tutorial

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Basing Minis with Nurgle Style: Tutorial

Spreading the plague was never so easy with these easy blending techniques! Take a look at how to get your Nurgle inspired bases looking just as fantastic!

The Plague Prince from Spellcrow needs an awesome base to match his Nurgle theme. Using the Army Painter and an airbrush, the base is very easy to achieve overall. Take a look at this quick tutorial and be sure to watch the entire process in the video below!

grey base

Painting Minis with Nurgle Style: Next Level Tutorial

To start the Nurgle themed base, mix Viking Blue, Alien Purple, and Wolf Grey by the Army Painter together in the airbrush. Spray the mixture across the rocks of the base. Add in Mummy Robes by Army Painter to create a lighter grey and spray across the edges as a highlight. Use the airbrush to blend in the transitions up to almost pure Mummy Robes.

Next, use a dry brush to apply Mummy Robes across the base and rocks to bring out all the peaks. This will bring out even more contrast.

nurgle green base

Mix Jungle Green and Viking Blue by Army Painter in the airbrush again and spray them into the holes to create a Nurgle-green glow. Add more Jungle Green and continue to build up the greens. This will take a few thin coats to build up the final green glow. Finally, add a little yellow to the green to create a highlight on the top.

Let the airbrush work dry and work on the base details such as maggots and skulls.

green glow

With some water and flow improver mixed with Jungle Green, glaze the cracks to create the illusion of glowing green. Go over this with a few passes until it’s as green as you desire.

nurgle painting

Finally, wash parts of the base, such as the skull and rocks, with Strong Tone by Army Painter. For a final slime effect, apply some Realistic Water by Secret Weapon Miniatures. Apply this in two to three thin coats, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying any more.

There it is, an easy way to get a sick Nurgle-style base with glowing slime. To pick up the Plague Prince for yourself, and to see other fantastic models, check out Spellcrow. To see the entire process, be sure to check out the video below!

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