Faction Keyword 40k, A Tournament to Stop the Cheese?

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Coming from a casually competitive gamer, there’s a 40k tournament that could be easily made to cut the cheese lists down to a minimum.

I see myself as a casually competitive gamer that goes to local events and balances good units and fluffy units into one list. Some of these competitive lists people are using look like they suck the fun right out of everything.

What’s the Problem?


Anytime you can fit three Lords of War in a list under 2,000 points, there is a problem. In what way does that seem fun for both players? Looking at the casually competitive side of things, when you tell a normal player that there will be a 2,000 point tournament next weekend, they’ll actually bring an army that you’d expect to see in the lore. not some triple-Knight, triple-Blood Angel Captain, Guard spam abomination list.

There needs to be a tournament that focuses on the lore-side of things just as much as competitiveness. What’s the proposal to end all of this cheesy madness?

Faction Keyword 40k, A Tournament to Stop the Cheese?

blood angel Faction Keyword 40k, A Tournament to Stop the Cheese?

Faction Keywords need to be mandatory. What do we mean by that? We mean if you take an army with Blood Angels, you can ONLY take Blood Angels. If you take Cadians, you can ONLY take Cadians.

In what battle would you see three Knights marching up the field with three random Blood Angel Captains sprinkled into a regiment of Guard? You wouldn’t. The Blood Angels would never give up three Captains to just pick up a hammer and go smash face.

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Therefore, to cut the cheese down to a minimum, you can only play ONE faction.

Now to cut down on the Lord of War spam that sucks the fun out of the game, there needs to be a mandatory battalion detachment. Granted, Imperial Guard can still manage to have plenty of points left over for multiple Bandeblade if they wanted to. With that, there could even be something in place limiting each army to ONE Lord of War or maybe even outright banning them.

Some people reading this are probably getting upset at what this article has to say but in all honesty, if you want to go play Lords of War and the cheesiest cheese out there, go join in the 100 tournaments across the country that allow them. On behalf of the casually competitive gamers, we believe the games should be fun and interactive. It’s never fun going against three or more models with 25+ wounds at T8.

Oldschool Warhammer


It would be so refreshing to go up against an opponent with a fleshed-out army. Something with units you’d actually see in the lore. for example, a Dark Angels player capitalizing on plasma.

A Blood Angels list using decent melee units like Sanguinary Guard or Death Company. Even a Chaos player with his ENTIRE force using the same mark of a single Chaos God. Slaanesh Cultists inside a list with Khorne berserkers WOULD NOT make it out alive in the fluff of things.

There needs to be an old school tournament where you were rewarded for only taking a certain faction and could only play a certain faction. I know myself and plenty of others would give more than enough support to the organizers that made a tournament like that.

What do you think of the meta? Do you wish to see more lists using units only from their faction? What faction would you play? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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