New Pics: Adeptus Titanicus Core Book Rules SPOTTED

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Adeptus Titanicus warlord painted

New rules pics were spotted around the web this morning and they’ve given us a deeper look into the Adeptus Titanicus Game.

Coming from imgur, these pics have given us a better look into the game itself play wise. Maybe this will help you decide if you want to pull the trigger on getting the game. This is the first in-depth look we’ve seen at some of the rules themselves in print.

Titanicus Quick References

titanicus preview 2

titanicus preview 3

GW thought it was a good idea to put a quick reference page similar to 7th edition hit/wound charts. We don’t blame them for it. It’s nice only needing to go to one spot 90% of the time.

This page will have orders, Repair Actions, Hit Roll Modifiers, Armor Roll Modifiers, Smash Attacks, etc.

Terminal Weapon Cards

titanicus preview 1

Some of the cards that come inside the game were spotted first. Notice something weird about these?  They’ve actually got Warhound Titan weapon cards even though there’s still no model for the Warhound. This is solid evidence that we can look for the Warhound in a later expansion. (The Reaver is also present as well, however, we have seen pics for that already)

Weapon Traits

weapon traits

Weapon Traits are basically special rules for the weapons you’re firing. For example, Ordinance Lets you reroll any rolls of 1 for your number of shots. Melee lets you target where you want the hit to go without having any kind of “to hit modifier”.

The Machine Spirit & Damage Effects

titanicus preview 4

While we’re not sure how the Machine Spirit works, our guess is that this could be something like the Titan’s Warlord Trait. Of course, no Titan would come complete without the power of the Machine Spirit.

Once your Titan manages to actually punch through the armor of another Titan, players will need to roll on the damage table.

titanicus preview 5

titanicus preview 6

You could cause minor damage to the body and legs. Or you could punch straight through to the computer systems and force the Titan to shut down completely. It’s all about shot placement.

titanicus preview 7

When a Titan takes enough damage, it looks like you may have to roll a D10 for this chart. Everything on this chart is horrible so try to stay away from it.

Titanicus Legion Rules

titanicus legion

Titans will get their own Legion-specific rules. You can take more than one Legion in your force. Maniples have to be from the same Legion but can be reinforced by other Legions. There’s a catch to all this. For every set of Legions you take, your opponent gets 2 CP.

As for Knights, they won’t be able to have Legion rules, but they will get their own House rules. (they’ll come later).

Legio Gryphonicus and Tempestus will be in the core book, but we can look for Household rules and even more Legions in future expansions so sit tight!

Warhound Titan

We still haven’t had an in-depth preview article on the rules to see how the game will play, but we have an idea from all this. It looks like you can target different parts on the Titan but there will be a negative hit modifier (because it’s hard to hit a computer chip for example). Melee may be pretty strong if you can just chain fist your way into the control system of a Titan without any modifiers to hit.

At the end of the day, this is the best look we’ve had into the game since it was first previewed and there are definitely exciting times ahead! What weapons will you be taking on your Titans? What Legion are you hoping they add next? Will you be taking more than one Legion despite giving your opponent CPs?  Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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