Orks are Competitive! Orks Vs Tyranids 40k 8th Battle Report

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Orks are Competitive! Orks Vs Tyranids 40k 8th Battle Report

The Orks bring their Gargantuan Squiggoth to try to deal with the Tyranids in this ITC 8th Edition Battle Report. Which army will reign supreme?

Two Xenos armies meet face to face on the battlefield. Orks come out of nowhere to take on the mighty Tyranids.

The Orks, led by Daniel from Fast & Ready Painting, are facing down Juice and his Tyranids. The Ork battalion is lead by a custom Warboss, four squads of Boyz, a squad of Storm Boyz, two Dakka Jets, three Megacannons, and a Gargantuan Squiggoth.

Juice’s Kraken Tyranids are lead by a Swarm Lord, forming a battalion with him, a Brood Lord, three squads of Genestealers, five Hive Guard, and four Raveners. Accompanying them is a Kraken Scythed Hierodule Super Heavy Auxillary Detachment. They are accompanied by a Genestealer Cult patrol detachment, featuring a Magus, Primus, a banner, and eight rock saws.

ork battle report

For secondary missions, both armies are taking Recon. Juice is aiming to kill characters and models. Daniel is aiming to get behind enemy lines and old school. The mission is Nexus Control Node with Dawn of War deployment and four objectives on the table. Both armies deploy with centralized formats, though the orks are spread out a bit more due to objectives. Orks win the roll to go first.

tyranids v orks

For Daniel’s first turn, the Orks aim to spread out for board control and screen out the Genestealer Cult. Shooting phase killed off almost all of one Genestealer unit, and two Raveners. As there was one remaining Genestealer, the Orks did not get Old School.

hierodule v squiggoth

For Juice’s first turn, everything moves up to hit back. The psychic phase sees Horror go off against one unit, giving them -1 hit. The Hive Guard fire at the Jet, doing three damage. The flamer from the Hierodule does nine more damage, killing the jet and doing two damage to the Hierodule. FIghting phase killed two squads of Gretchen and losing quite a few Genestealers.

Who will come out on top? Will the Gargantuan Squiggoth win the faceoff with the Hierodule and the Tyranids endless hunger? Will the Tyranids feast on the fungal Orks? Find out by watching the battle report below!

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