Any Weapon is Better: GW Rumor Engine

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It’s that time again! A brand new Rumor Engine pic has been spotted and it looks like they’re up in archaic arms. Take a look at the latest details.

Warhammer Community just previewed the latest Rumor Engine pic this morning. It’s definitely a dated weapon. But what’s holding it? Check out our best guess and let us know if you have some different ideas.

Before we jump in, check out last week’s Rumor Engine if you missed it.

Any Weapon is Better: GW Rumor Engine

rumor engine 9-18-18 Any Weapon is Better than No Weapon: GW Rumor Engine

Ther’es absolutely no question that this is a spearhead made from stone. The question lies in what’s holding it. At first glance, you’d probably think it could be for AoS (which it probably is). But it doesn’t shut out the possibility of it being for 40k as well.

It could also be something for Nightvault perhaps?

Let’s look at both possibilities.


The spear looks oddly similar to the style of weapons that the Bonesplitter Orruks have in AoS. If this Rumor Engine turns out to be for them, does that mean they’ll be the next faction to get support in AoS?

Now, what if it turns out to be for 40k? What in the world would be using a spear in the Grimdark universe with laser beams and psychic shenanigans?

kroot hor wal

Kroot are the first thing that comes to mind. Just as a disclaimer, we know this is a far-fetched idea but we can’t turn it down just yet. Kroot are definitely an underdeveloped race in 40k when compared to the technology that other factions have, but they are still past the “spear age”.

Or are they? Maybe Kroot will finally get more support and have new units hit the tabletop in the future. Maybe this could be an early pic of some kind of Kroot Melee cavalry unit. Kroot Cavalry would be perfect to act as a sponge to keep those precious Fire Warrior gun lines safe from close combat.

It would also make sense for Kroot to be using their own (outdated) weapons and not Tau technology because let’s face it, Tau have no clue how melee works.

What do you think is holding this spear? Do you think it’s for AoS or 40k? What faction comes to mind? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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