Flesh Tearers Vs. Imperial Guard & Custodes: 8th 40k

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Flesh Tearers Vs. Imperial Guard & Custodes: 8th 40k

Can Gabriel Seth take on the Imperial Guard with Custode and Blood Angel Allies?  Check out the latest competitive battle report

The Flesh Tearers are facing off against the Astra Militarum and Adeptus Custodes, even though they are outnumbered. Which army will come out on top?

Juice and Wes are going head to head in the beats lab once more, pitting Flesh Tearers against Imperial Guard and its allies. Wes gets the first turn, leading the charge against the guard.

flesh tearers

Flesh Tearers Vs. Imperial Guard & Custodes: 8th 40k

Wes is featuring his Flesh Tearers, lead by Gabriel Seth. Backing him up is a Librarian Dreadnought with Wings of Sanguinius and Quickening, a Death Company Dreadnought, a Death Company with bolt pistols and chain swords, a squad of Sternguard with melta and plasma, a Vanguard Veterans squad with bolt pistol and chain sword, a Veteran squad with plasma, a Leviathan with storm cannon array and siege claw, a Predator with twin lascannons and storm bolters, a Storm Raven, and a Drop Pod.

astra militarum bullgryn

Juice is leading the Imperium with a brigade of Astra Militarum. These are lead by a Company Commander, two Psykers, six squads of infantry that each have a mortar and nine guardsmen, a Ministorum Priest, Platoon Commander, Bullgryn, two Hellhounds, nine mortars, and a Scout Sentinal.

To support, they are accompanied by a Blood Angels Supreme Command detachment, a Custodes Supreme Command with three Shield Captains on Dawn Eagle Jetbikes and a Vexilla Praetor.

death company charge

On Wes’s turn one, he is aiming to take down some firepower. The Storm Raven and Predator combine take down one of the Hellhounds, causing it to explode and damage the second.

Wes’s Leviathan Dreadnought does two more damage to the Hellhound. The Death Company end up taking out all but a mortar in one unit, four guards from the second unit, and only one from the third unit.

ft vs astra

Juice’s turn one aims to form a wall around the characters, head towards Dreadnoughts, and take out as much as possible. He does take down the Death Company with mortar fire. A Shield Captain charges the Storm Raven, doing two damage.

Going into turn two, both armies have a lot on their plate. To find out what happens, and to hear some fantastic discussion on CP tactics, be sure to watch the full battle report below!

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