Rumors Were Right: New 40k Kill Team Spotted

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The rumors were true! It looks like 40k Kill Team is getting a new unit after all, as Commanders are coming to the tabletop with their own rules.

Warhammer Community announced a few days ago that Kill Team Commanders were on the way.  There were actually a few rumors making rounds on the internet about the Commanders before they got announced.

Let’s check it out.

Rumors Were Right: New 40k Kill Team Spotted

sfPanzer posted these pics on the thread:

designer's commentary RUMORS: 40k Kill Team Commanders & Inquisitors

Like we said, this came straight out of the Kill Team: Rogue Trader booklet under what looks to be the injury chart. So what is a Commander? Well, Commanders are the characters in a Kill Team that serve as the lynchpin for the faction. Elucia and Vulgrar, both leaders from the factions inside the Rogue Trader box set are prime examples of this.

kill team rumor

sfPanzer posted this pic above in reference to Commanders. But we got a lot more than we expected from it. Let’s break down the key points here.

  • The first three supplements are Rogue Trader, Inquisitor, and Commanders.
  • Inquisitors will be their own Kill Team
  • Commanders are coming to all factions.
  • New models may come for Commanders.


Commanders in Kill Team


We may see exclusive Commander models coming to all of the Kill Team factions. They’ll more than likely have a set of special rules unique to their Kill Team and have a nice bounty on their head for their opponents to try and take.

We’ll have to see if the Commanders will be even worth taking point-wise. They could just be an option that players have of taking in the Kill Team and not a mandatory choice.

Kill Team: Inquisition?

inquisitor inquisition

Going by the rumor, there are three releases coming for Kill Team and we’ve already seen one of them. That leaves Inquisition and Commanders. Let’s HOPE that Inquisitors actually come out for Kill Team. They’re practically useless in 40k with the way Keywords work now. The models are too cool not to pass up.

Supposedly the release order from GW got jumbled up. According to the rumor, we were supposed to see Black Fortress before Kill Team: Rogue Trader, but it doesn’t look like anyone is complaining.

GW Announces Kill Team Commanders

kt commanders

A range of Commander sets (much like the various Kill Team Starter Sets) that each introduce a named character with their own backstory, exclusive skills and abilities. Why just pick up any old Commander when you can instead grab a bespoke character with their own identity and access to skills drawn from multiple different specialisms according to their temperament?

The new expansion is going to bring in  Commanders that are completely customizable with specialisms, aura buffs, and other traits. With over 40 Commanders being thrown into the bunch, it sounds like we’ll be getting a bunch of choices to pick from for each Kill Team.

Where are the Inquisitors?

inquisitor cosplay

Inquisition and Commanders were both mentioned in the rumor from earlier. Now that we have Commanders announced, where are the Inquisitors? Will Commanders come out before the Inquisition gets their Kill Team? Will the Commander booklet mention any Inquisitorial Commanders? We have no clue right now but more questions than answers have definitely been raised.

What are your opinions on Commanders in Kill Team? Will Kill Team turn into a small-point 40k game? WHere’s the Inquisition? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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