A New Hope For X-Wing: Second Edition Arrives At Stores

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There have been some mixed emotions to Star Wars X-Wing 2.0, but it’s looking to be a bright reboot. Come see the latest on X-Wing launch weekend!

Sure there has been some flak in the community about the structure of X-Wing Second edition, but the game hasn’t gotten a real update in nearly 8 years.

X-Wing Second Edition

u-wing x-wing miniatures star wars A New Hope For X-Wing: Second Edition Arrives At Stores


If you didn’t know, the game will run off of their squad-building app that hasn’t actually come out yet (as of this posting). There won’t be any points on the cards, or upgrade slots either. Bottom line, if there’s any FAQ’s or points changes, they can update everything from the app.

That way, your cards and data sheets will never go out of date.

X Wing Squad Builder XW2 box x-wing second edition

If you want full control over the pilots and upgrades in your squadron, however, X-Wing Second Edition introduces the X-Wing squad-builder app. In the first edition of X-Wing, a ship’s upgrade slots and the point costs of ship cards and upgrade cards were printed directly on the card. With the advent of X-Wing Second Edition, these point values and upgrade slots will be governed by the app! Rather than using point values printed on the ship cards and upgrade cards, the squad-builder tracks all point values and the upgrade slots available to a ship at any time. What’s more, this app explains the rules of squad-point building and enforces these rules so that players do not accidentally build illegal squads.

Don’t forget that the initial cost to get into the game may be high, but the models and material you get shouldn’t ever become obsolete.

Don’t Be Mad At X-Wing 2.0: The Game Is Still Good

x-wing wal 1

Worried about X-Wing Second Edition? Not sure what will be involved with the new version? Check out this quick overview of a few things to look forward to!

Lando’s Millennium Falcon: It Docks! X-Wing 2.0 Unboxed

Lando Feature

Come and see the what’s new for X-Wing 2.0 as we take a look at Lando’s Millennium Falcon Expansion for the Scum and Villainy Faction.

X-Wing 2.0 Biggest Changes: Unbox & Review

X Wing Second Edition Cover Img

Check out the biggest changes to X-Wing miniatures as we unbox and review and compare the new starter set to the old edition.

X-Wing 2.0 Conversion Kits: A Small Moon of New Cards

X-Wing 2.0 Conversion Kits: A Small Moon of New Cards

X-Wing Second Edition is bringing a fantastic new era of interstellar combat to the tabletop! Take a peek at some things offered in the conversion kits!

Star Wars X-Wing is looking to be well-thought out with the player’s wallets in mind. Like we said before, the initial cost may be a little expensive, but you don’t have to worry about any FAQs making the things you buy go out of date. Everything will be run from the app where you can find the points as they change.

With all of these previews and unboxings, will you be giving Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition a chance? What faction will you be playing in the game? Do you like the way the game will be run?

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Latest updates coming to Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition

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