Victory Flak Attack: Star Wars Armada Build

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star destroyer

The Victory Star Destroyer is back in an anti-fighter role for the Imperial fleet. Those Rebel fighters will regret engaging this ship!

Victory I-class Star Destroyer

The humble Victory Star Destroyer is back again to show these newer fancy ships how it’s done in Armada. With the right upgrades, the slow moving Victory-I can be a ship your foes dare not ignore. Its red dice will need help when firing upon enemy ships, but with the right upgrades, the Victory can take on any Rebel ship or squadron. H9 Turbolasers

H9 Turbolasers are like the Victory: older and not as flashy as other upgrades, but they get the job done. Whenever you need accuracy in your attacks, look to H9s. While attacking, you may change 1 die face with a hit or crit to an accuracy. This can lock down a defense token of your choice or it can be a useful tool for more hits.Warlord

With the Warlord title, you can change those accuracy symbols to hits. You can also change 1 die face with an accuracy to a face with a hit icon, even the double hit on a red die. With H9 Turbolasers you can get your accuracy to improve your hit damage with Warlord. If you look closely the Victory has 1 blue die for anti-squadron attack and blue dice have no blanks. What you do get is a guaranteed hit while flakking squadrons. On a blue die, a hit is a hit, and your crits can be changed to accuracy, which can be changed to a hit, so you never miss!

Ordinance Pods

Since the Victory-I is packing some ordnance, use Ordnance Pods to improve your anti-squadron punch. At the end of your attack, you may exhaust Ordnance Pods to choose one of your hull zones and perform an attack with an anti-squadron armament of 1 black die, even if you already attacked form that hullzone. This can give you some extra damage output against squadrons, and can even be used to attack all squadrons within close range, not just 1. But we needs something a little extra with just 1 black die.

Agent Kallus

Enter Agent Kallus, ready to take down enemy unique squadrons. While you are attacking a unique squadron, you may add 1 die of any color to your attack pool. This can work wonders with the H9/ Warlord combo. Roll 1 blue die normally against a squadron, and add a red for good measure. This can decimate unique squadrons since you are guaranteed an accuracy with your blue dice, and can add them with Kallus if needs must. Give those Rebel squadrons something to fear with the Warlord Voctory-I!

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