GUARDSMAN: A 40k Short Film you Have to See

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guardsman wal GUARDSMAN: A 40k Short Film you Have to See

A genuine fan of the 40k universe has made a short film that puts things into a refreshing smaller perspective. Check it out!

Directed by Richard Boylan, the film is about a Guardsman who wakes up after passing out from an injury. He’s alone in an abandoned sector. Or so he thinks.

GUARDSMAN: A 40k Short Film you Have to See

Like we’ve said before, GUARDSMAN puts things into a smaller scale-perspective that we don’t really think about. A lone Guardsman wakes up from unconsciousness after an injury he took to the leg and hears things scurrying in the darkness.

It actually looks like he fell through the roof of an underground factory that got blown open. He grabs his lasgun and blasts a Hormagaunt only to find out that he had “friends” with him.

guardsman trailer

He basically accepts his death and pulls his knife when a single Dark Angel Space Marine comes in and completely wrecks the Nids. This movie capitalizes on the raw power of a Space Marine compared to what a normal human can do.


Of course, we know in 8th edition, Space Marines have had it rough lately. Hopefully, things will get better for the Adeptus Astartes after the new Chapter Approved comes out.  But keeping true to lore, this video does a fantastic job at showing off the Emperor’s greatest warriors’ raw power.

guardsman trailer 2

The Space Marine in the movie is actually a Cosplayer who made the costume. His name is Terry Skrinjar and has photos of his outfit’s progress. If you are thinking about getting into Cosplay or are looking for inspiration, take a look at his phenomenal work!

Would you like to see another video by these guys? Does the Emperor protect? Does Cadia still stand? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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