GW Rumor Engine: More New Space Marines?

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A brand new GW rumor engine popped up and it looks a lot like the back of a pressurized suit. Do you see something else here? Take a look!

Games Workshop just previewed a mysterious bit and it’s looking like the backside of a Space Marine suit. Let’s break it all down.

Be sure to check out last week’s rumor engine and help us figure out what we’re looking at exactly.

GW Rumor Engine: More New Space Marines?

GW Rumor Engine: More New Space Marines?

This is the latest rumor engine to roll off GW’s preview lineup. What does it look like to you? We can’t get away from the thought of a new Space Marine backpack.

primaris backpack

Notice the lines at the top of the bit? They match up with the grooves on the Primaris backpacks. But what are all the fancy dials and gauges for?

Primaris Apothecary

We’ve already seen Primaris Captains, Apothecaries, and Librarians come out…What’s missing? Could this be a Primaris Tech Marine? Would that explain the fancy gauges? We’ve already heard rumors of Space Marines (Specifically Primaris) getting updated at the beginning of next year in Chapter Approved.

rumor engine 9-4-18

We think this might be the tail-end of a new Primaris transport that’s on the way for the new and improved Space Marines.

Going back to the latest bit, it would make sense for Primaris Marines to have access to Techmarines. There are bound to be some mechanically adept in their force.

Do you think we are off? What else have you spotted in this rumor engine? Would you like to see a Primaris Techmarine with a full servo-harness? Would he be able to heal more than D3 wounds a turn because of his size? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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