Odd Armor Plating: GW’s Latest Rumor Engine

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We’re back with a new rumor engine this morning and it’s left us scratching our heads. Our best guess is that it’s some kind of armor. Take a look.

Games Workshop just dropped the latest rumor engine and they’ve done a fantastic job at keeping this one a mystery. We don’t really have a solid clue of what we’re looking at. H

If you missed last week’s rumor engine, check it out now.

Odd Armor Plating

rumor engine 10-16-18

What makes us think it’s armor plating? Well, there are rivets/studs in the bit that makes it look like either steel plates or leather folds being held together. The really weird thing about the bit is the shape. If it IS armor, what in the world is that supposed to protect?

Could this be just some fancy decorative twist on top of a pauldron of…say…a Daemon Primarch like Fulgrim? Could it be to some kind of warlock model in AoS? We won’t know for sure until it pops up further down the line.

We are tending to lean more toward some kind of Slaanesh-inspired model because of it’s elegant curves and over the top curl. Slaanesh likes that fancy style that Khorne, Nurgle, and Tzeentch don’t really care about.


It’s a stretch but maybe it’s some kind of leather armor like this?

Some rumor engines are pretty easy to tell if it’s for 40k, AoS, or even getting it right down to the faction. However, this bit is a little bit more difficult because we honestly aren’t sure of what we’re looking at. What do you think this bit could go to?

Is it for AoS or 40k? Did you have a faction in mind? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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