Mysterious Ork Vehicle is Finally REVEALED

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A big reveal is here for Ork Players as the new Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy was just unveiled by Games Workshop for Warhammer 40k!

Games Workshop unveiled that mysterious Ork vehicle that was spotted a while back. Remember the poll they wanted everyone to take?

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What Is It? New 40k Ork Vehicle Spotted

ork vehicle black What Is It? New 40k Ork Vehicle Spotted

This was just previewed this morning and we aren’t sure what we’re looking at. It’s almost like that was GW’s intent! Is this a new Ork vehicle we’ve never seen before? Or could it be one that was previewed earlier that’s been turned around and blacked out? We won’t know for sure. GW was nice enough to give us three answers to choose from, however.

ork guess

Here are our three choices. Going off of the answers, there are two realistic options. It’s either a high-speed landmine delivery system..or ALL OF THE ABOVE. 

That’s right! Don’t put it past an Ork to have a Squig-based Food delivery landmine system on wheels. They do whatever their Waaghy! hearts desire.

Mysterious Ork Vehicle is Finally REVEALED

The Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy

rukkatrukk squigbuggy Mysterious Ork Vehicle is Finally REVEALED

GW said that if majority votes were correct, they’d unveil the mystery vehicle. Luckily, every answer that was an option was exactly correct!


  • Weaponized food truck.
  • A squig-based weapons platform.
  • A high-speed landmine delivery system.

Eagle-eyed Ork enthusiasts will notice the huge variety of different squig breeds on the model, including bile squigs, a squig hound, a squig mine and even the elusive buzzer squig. These fantastic vehicles will be available to pre-order very soon, so keep the eyes of your targetin’ squigs open for more details to follow.


They mentioned different types of Squigs being in the vehicle, so does that mean that it’ll have a whole slew of different firing options? We know that Squigs can devastate vehicles if they can get close enough. Orks have finally decided to make a Squig launcher and turbo boost it down the table with premium Ork engineering.

What do you think this vehicle’s purpose will be on the tabletop? (tank busting or harassment?) What kind of stats do you think it’ll have? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group?


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