GW Rumor Engine: Does This Look Like Chaos?

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A new Games Workshop rumor engine was spotted, and it looks like Chaos might be up to no good once again. Let’s break it all down!

Games Workshop dropped the latest rumor engine bright and early previewing a brand new bit! It’s screaming Daemon Engine…but what kind? Let’s go over our initial thoughts!

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Half Flesh, Half Machine

rumor engine 11-13-18


forge fiend

When we first saw this rumor engine, the first thing that popped into our mind was a new type of Forge Fiend. The end of the barrel looks strikingly similar to this…but that’s a relatively new model and there’s a lot more that should be updated before they look at something like a Forge Fiend. So could this maybe be some kind of Daemon Engine/Knight model?

There’s nothing to compare the bit’s size but it looks like it’s pretty hefty. With all of the Knights seen on the tabletop nowadays, we’re sure a Daemon Knight would be a welcome surprise for Chaos.

chaos helbrute wal

If it’s not a Daemon Knight, could this be just a new weapon for a Helbrute?  Bottom line, this bit could fit the bill on just about anything with the Chaos/Daemon keyword.

Maybe the bottom of a jump pack for Chaos, the possibilities are endless as you rotate the image in your mind!

Generally, Chaos has been very powerful in 8th edition 40k. We’re ruling out this bit being for anything like AoS or Lord of the Rings because of the armor plating and classic “Daemon” feel to the preview already. So with that being said, could Chaos be getting even more power and support in the months to come?

What do you think this bit could go to? Do you have something in mind that we didn’t mention? Have you spotted some other rumor engine bits?  Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.


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