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By Wesley Floyd | January 3rd, 2019 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors

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Gloomspite Gitz are back with another preview on their rules. Check out what the Spiderfang Grots, Moonclan Grots, and Troggoths are bringing to the table.

Games Workshop gave us a preview on the rules that some of the key units in the Gloomspite Gitz army will have. Without any more delay, let’s dive into the details.

If you missed the Gloomspite Gitz’ Allegiance ability with the effects of the Bad Moon, be sure to check it out. there’s a lot to keep track of for this army!

Da Moonclan Grots

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moonclan relics

Looking at a couple of artifacts for the Moonclan Grots, the Moonface Mommet is a nice little debuff for the combat phase. Most saves in the game are a 4+ to a 5+ so any kind of minus there is a huge deal.

As for the Spiteful Prodder, you’ll want the bearer to be smack-dab in the center of all your Grot units. That way, you can throw another dice in with a chance of doing D3 mortal wounds to a unit. If you roll hot, you could completely wipe something off the table.

moonclan spell 1

As for the Moonclan spells, the Hand of Gork goes off on a 7. You can pick any Gloomspite Gitz unit within 24″ and basically Deepstrike them anywhere else on the battlefield 9″ away from any enemy units. It’s like the Hand of Gork literally scoops them up and drops them across the battlefield.

Da Spiderfang Grots

spiderfang wal

spiderfang relic

The Headdress of Many Eyes is another decent artifact. It makes the bearer -1 to hit so you’ll probably want to put it on one of your bigger models that you plan on throwing into combat. Most units in the game hit on a 4+ so a negative to hit there can really make the unit last a while.

spiderfang spell

Sneaky Distraction goes off on a 7 and it makes everyone around the caster within 12″ -1 to hit for attacks. When you combine that with the Headdress of Many Eyes, most things will be hitting on a 6+. That’s brutal.


troggoth wal 1

troggoth relic

The Glowy Howzit gives the bearer a 4+ Feel no Pain  However, if you roll a 1, the bearer eats it and can’t be used for the rest of the battle. It’s incredibly powerful assuming you roll hot. Most trolls heal D3 a turn…But the Troggoth Hag actually heals D6 a turn. Plus, if the Troggoth is under the Bad Moon effects. You’ll be healing double whatever you roll. Bottom line, Troggoths are going to be very tanky. There may only be a few on the board, but they should stick around for a while.

What are your thoughts on the previews so far? Does the army look like they have what it takes to go against some of the more powerful factions? What will you be playing most in the Gloomspite Gitz book?

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