Happy Gaming New Year 2019

By Rob Baer | January 1st, 2019 | Categories: Happy Holidays
happy new year

Happy New Year 2019!  2018 was another big year for the hobby as Star Wars minis took center stage, and Games Workshop rolled out a ton of side games like Titanicus as well.

We saw a flurry of gaming releases from not only the big guys, but also from tons of new miniature companies and Kickstarters  Maybe, more importantly, it also saw the entrenchment of new games like Star Wars, Bolt Action, etc. that were gaining ground in the tabletop sector over the last few years.

Coming in hot to 2019 will be Star Wars Legion and X-wing 2.0 as they try to wrestle back the top spot from Warhammer 40k, new Marines and more for Warhammer 40k, and Age of Sigmar will look to follow up its 2.0 successes as well.

And of course, a slew of new and exciting offerings from startup and indy miniature companies as the wargaming hobby closes in on Billion Dollar sales status.

Last but not least, Spikey Bits turns ten years old in 2019 as well! So all around it looks to be another great year for gaming, so get out there and seize the gaming day!

Happy Hobby New Year from all of us here at Spikey Bits!

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