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GW previewed the latest releases for Adeptus Titanicus, Blackstone Fortress, LoTR, Blood Bowl, and more at the New Year’s Open. Take a look at what’s next!

Games Workshop hasn’t slowed down in any of their other avenues this year. Expansions, models, and upgrade kits are coming to the games you know and love. But what’s on the way specifically? We’re glad you asked!

Hobby Hero Garro was at the event and also got some choice first-hand shots of what’s on the way.

A Blackstone Fortress Expansion: Dreaded Ambull

ambull preview 1


ambull preview 2

the Ambull is back, and it’s angrier than ever! This model brings a classic from Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader to life in stunning detail, finally giving this terrifying beast a miniature worthy of its reputation

ambull preview 3



The Dreaded Ambul is the first in a series of expansions for Blackstone Fortress, allowing you to add this xenos monster to your games, whether you’re hunting for its lair or simply adding it to the possible Hostiles that can turn up in any given encounter. More than just a new adversary, this is a fully-fledged side-quest to add to your games.

BSF expansion 1

An expansion is on the way for Blackstone Fortress and the dreaded Ambull is set to run into the band of explorers. More encounters, a new ship, and a slew of new discovery cards are just a few things that are looking to be inside the expansion.

BSF expansion 2

bsf expansion 3

Necromunda Getting Ambots & Rogue Psykers?

necromunda robot

With the Ambull coming back into the picture, Ambots will also be a unit option in Necromunda. And last but not least for Necromunda, Rogue Psykers may be a thing in the near future.

Necromunda rogue psyker

Necromunda looks to be having some kinds of Rogue Psykers hitting the tabletop. These two figured were spotted on the shelves with the other Necromunda gangs. Things could be revving up in the 41st millennia ganger skirmish we know and love!

Lord of The Rings: Gondor at War

gondor at war

This massive supplement is designed to let you recreate some of the most iconic battles from the films, as well as offering new Heroes and rewarding players who field thematic armies.

LoTR preview 2

With an expansion coming to retell some of the greatest battles in Lord of The Rings history, players are going to be rewarded even more by playing fluffy armies!

Warhammer open LOTR preview


Do these three look familiar? The Three Hunters kit is going to be released alongside the Gondor at War book so these heroes can change the tides of battle just in the nick of time!

LOTR warhammer open new years

Azog the Defiler and Thorin Oakenshield were spotted in the showcase at the scene of the fateful showdown on the ice. There are different weapon options available for the two characters as well. (You can see them laid out on the display).

warhammer open LOTR preview 2

To make things easier and more accessible, GW is also coming out with Scenarios to play through as well as a quick reference sheet all on paper.

Adeptus Titanicus: Titandeath

titandeath book

Titandeath kicks off a series of expansions for Adeptus Titanicus, letting you master new tactics and bring your battles to some of the most fiercely fought war zones of the Horus Heresy. In Titandeath, you’ll get to explore the conflict over Beta-Garmon, with rich lore, maps and more. New maniples and Titan Legion rules, meanwhile, let you personalise your army even more.

titandeath book 2

We’ve been talking about Titandeath for a while now. This is going to be another supplement to the game to recreate ancient historic battles. There are more rumors circling around Titanicus on even more Titans, however, GW only gave us a heads up on the Titandeath book for now. Keep those eyes peeled!

Blood Bowl Getting Greenskins & Nurgle

BB greenskins 1

The Greenskins of Blood Bowl, the Scarcrag Snivellers, may lack the muscle to keep up with some of the more burly teams. However, that doesn’t stop them. They think outside of the box and push the limits on what they’re allowed to do on the field. Technology and wacky inventions are all but uncommon for these new models on the way.

bb greenskins 3

bb greenskins 2

They also decided to buddy up with a Troll. Let’s hope the leg he’s holding doesn’t belong to somebody on the enemy team.

bb nurgle 1

last but not least, Nurgle is getting some help from the Foetid Rotspawn. Looks can be deceiving but we’re going to go ahead and guess that speed isn’t this guy’s strong suit. Nonetheless, Nurgle players have him to look forward to in the days ahead!

bb nurgle 2

You can actually see Helmet Wulf and Karla Von Kill in the back of the showcase- Forge World’s latest previewed models up for pre-order.

What do you think about the support coming to GW’s other skirmish-style games? Which one is at the top of your list to grab already? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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