Top 20 40k Armies on Parade of 2018

By Wesley Floyd | January 4th, 2019 | Categories: Armies on Parade, Warhammer 40k

Daemon Primarch Mortarion

We’ve featured one of a kind Armies from all over the community in 2018. Let’s take a look at the Top 20 armies that you viewed the most!

When a hobbyist finds an army they love, they go all in. They will sacrifice hours to paint and customize even the most insignificant models. These are the top 20 Armies on Parade made by players in our community!

1. There Was A Great War: Armies On Parade

death company wraithknight

There was a great war between the Space Marines and the Tyranids known as the Tyrannic War the survivors came away with some new gear!

2. Called To The Front Line Assault: Armies On Parade

sister of battle wal hor

The Sisters of Battle are rarely called to the front line assault. But, when they are you know something serious is about to go down!

3. Some Really Big Gear: Armies On Parade

Top 20 40k Armies on Parade of 2018

When the Space Marines arrive on a world they try and bring everything they think they will need with them. Sometimes you need some really big gear to haul your really big gear!

4. Then the GSC Appeared: Armies On Parade

Primaris Space Marines Wal Hor

Then the Genestealer Cult appeared. The Space Marines never know who’s side the Imperial Guard are on. What a family reunion!

5. Without Anyone Noticing: Armies On Parade

alpha legion wal hor

The Alpha Legion is known for there ability to infiltrate any army without anyone noticing, but that’s not always a good thing!

6. Rainbow Warriors: Armies On Parade

Space Marine Ultramarines Hd Desktop Wall hor

One of the first successor chapters of the Ultramarines was the rainbow warriors, they weren’t as colorful as you would like to think!

7. Plastic Space Squats: Converted Armies On Parade

Necromunda Squat Wal Hor

It’s starting to become more and more common to see converted plastic Squat Space Marine armies on the tabletop. Come see some great looking little big men!

8. Armies On Parade: The Book Of Death

Top 20 40k Armies on Parade of 2018

The armies of Nurgle are so large they seem like an endless legion when they attack, and the dead join them before they have their name written in the book of death!

9. To Do His Bidding Anyway: Armies On Parade

undead hor age of sigmar nagash

When Nagash asks you to join his ranks its not so much a question, as he just kills you and forces you to do his bidding anyway!

10. Don’t’ Take It Personally: Tyranids Armies On Parade

tyranids hor wal

The Tyranids are not really killing you out of malice or hatred or anything, don’t’ take it personally they just need more food that’s all!

11. Dried Blood Over White: Armies On Parade

World Eaters

The World Eaters weren’t always drabbed in red armor, in fact, some think they still are, its just dried blood over white!

12. Chaos Primarchs Are Back: Armies On Parade

Daemon Primarch Mortarion

The Chaos Space Marines rarely work together, but now that the Primarchs are back they are all doing things they didn’t before!

13. Cold As Ice: Armies On Parade

thousand sons occult horz

The Rubricae of the Thousand Sons are basically just walking suits of armor, long gone is the body of flesh and bone. They feel no strain from the cold ice of the elements!

14. Forward Operators: Alpha Legion Armies On Parade

alpha legion wal hor

When the Chaos Space Marines need to infiltrate the front battle lines with crazed worshipers of the dark gods. Who do you think they call?

15. Attack With Unfathomable Numbers: Armies On Parade

Ghazghkull orks hor wal

When the Orks attack they attack with unfathomable numbers and mighty machines of doom, and believe me when I say it’s a green tide!

16. Army Onto Themselves: Armies On Parade

wraithknight v imperial knight

The Imperial Knights are usually called in to help an existing army win battles, but sometimes they are an army onto themselves!

17. A Burning Hatred For All Things: Armies On Parade

Chaos Cultists 3 Kits Someone Needs To Design For Warhammer 40k

The Chaos Space Marines have a burning hatred for all things that the Emperor has created. They will continue to rise against the false prophet!

18. Plastic or Pewter? Sisters Army on Parade

sister of battle wal hor

Remember metal Sisters of Battle miniatures? Check out what a full army of them looks like as we look forward to days of plastic for everyone!

19. Straight Outta Caliban: Armies On Parade

Space Wolves Space Marine Ragnar hor wal

The Space Wolves aren’t the best at getting along with everyone, but sometimes they have to suck it up, deal, and put on a big toothy grin!

20. Their Disgusting Resilience: Armies On Parade

Death Guard

The Death Guard forces are some of the most powerful of the Chaos warbands in the galaxy, mainly due to their disgusting resilience!

What’s been your favorite Army on Parade this year? What faction do you play? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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