Chaos is Coming: GW Teases More New Warhammer 40k!

daemon engine warhammer community preview rumor teaser

Because two Daemon rumor engines weren’t enough already, Games Workshop gave us a third! Check out the latest on new Chaos for Warhammer 40k!

Warhammer Community announced that they would be doing a multi-part rumor engine teaser showcasing a never before seen Chaos model.

Get caught up with the first and second rumor engine teasers before we jump into the latest bit.

GW Rumor Engine PT I: Daemon Possessed Backpack?

rumor engine 2-12-19 2

Games Workshop was nice enough to give us a picture of a bit and there’s no doubt that a Daemon is inside whatever it is. At first glance, we thought it could be the backpack of some kind of new model/character like maybe a Possessed.

Shadowspear Box Set

Speaking of Possessed, we know it looks like they’ve got some updated artwork on the cover of Shadowspear. Maybe this is the backpack to a newly sculpted Daemon-possessed Marine?


This Thousand Sons pack has the same layered plates as the snapshot GW gave us! The only difference is that there’s not a Warp-born face staring back at you! But speaking of Possessed Marines…

rumor engine claw

This rumor engine from a while ago looks to have finally been matched up to that Possessed artwork! However, we haven’t seen the official model that it goes to as of yet. But it turns out it looks to be the business end of a Chaos unit.

GW Rumor Engine Part II: A Paw Unbound

rumor engine 2-13-19

Looking at the latest rumor engine from Warhammer Community, this is without a doubt the underside of some kind of Space Marine’s foot. It’s clear as day that we can see the angled sloping ceramite that all Marines have around the bottom of their legs as well as the Chaosy trim. Whatever the model may be, it looks like it’s been surging with Warp taint for a while as it’s grown claws out of the ends of its toes!

Could this be some kind of twisted Marine that got one too many “gifts” from the Chaos gods?

GW Rumor Engine PT: III Big Meaty Claw!

rumor engine 2-14-19

This is what happens when you drop your order of Crab legs into the Eye of Terror.

Of course, this looks to be going onto the same model that we’ve been seeing bits and pieces of for the past few days. One thing we know for sure is that it’s going to have melee potential. Could the claw be a special weapon in the unit and have the stats of something like a power fist? Or is the claw purely cosmetic to the unit and every model will have it? There are more questions popping up than answers!

big meaty claws

Young Imperial Guardsman taunting the Warp monstrosity (m.41 colorized).

Maybe this Master of Possession is bringing a new unit with him!

Possessed, or New Multi Kit Obliterators / Mutilators?

New Possessed, or New Multi Kit Obliterators / Mutilators?

Is this just a clever remake of the Possessed unit? Will this be a brand new unit that is actually floating off the ground? (from the foot rumor engine). Let us know what you think in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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