Forge World Unveils New Adeptus Titanicus & Necromunda!

By Wesley Floyd | February 23rd, 2019 | Categories: Forge World, News / Rumors

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Forge World has another pre-order lineup in store for us showcasing new Adeptus Titanicus boards as well as some Bounty Hunters for Necromunda!

If you’ve been following along, we knew we had a lot of releases coming to us from Forge World ever since the Horus Heresy Weekender event a while back. These Pre-orders were first showcased there. Take a look at what you can reserve from Forge World now. Keep in mind that all of these things will ship March 1, 2019.

Adeptus Titanicus Warzone Gamma $124

at gamma

Civitas District War Zone Gamma is dominated by a partially destroyed factorum, still defended by strategically sited emplacements. Next to the factorum are storage bunkers, while the shattered remains of an Imperial Knight and a downed fighter are relics of a previous battle. 

Adeptus Titanicus Warzone Delta $124

at delta

Civitas District Warzone Delta is a railhead and landing zone for the manufactoria of the district. A large processing plant entrance and rail line dominates one corner, while three massive landing pads provide egress for heavy lifters to haul the district’s output into orbit.

Civitas Imperialis Complete Board $496

civitas imperialis

If you came to the Titanicus party late or just never decided to pull the trigger on buying each individual Warzone. You can buy all four that make up a full table! It includes Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. (Each square is a 2×2 quadrant). The bundle is solely here for your convenience. You aren’t actually saving any money by buying all the tiles together. Each one goes for a standard $124.

Ortuum 8-8 Psi-Hound Bounty Hunter $28

necromunda BH 1

Ortruum 8-8 is the product of one of Lord Helmawr’s Psykanariums; inbred from the fractured genus of dozens of Psyker bloodlines to create a horrifying, yet potent psychic weapon. 

This “prized” Bounty Hunter is a horrifying flying stomach to deal with on the table. Ortruum 8-8 is one of the only Wyrds in Necromunda and can turn the tides of battle to your favor in a single phase!

Thaetos 23-2 Wyrdlock Bounty Hunter $22


Thaetos, Imperial designation 23-2, was a Mutie wyrdling recovered from the depths of Bighole. Captured by Guild slavers and transformed into a living weapon, Thaetos went rogue, retreating into the underhive and offering his services for hire…

While Thaetos may be an escapee, he is definitely worth hiring on the tabletop. If you pay him well, he will offer your his best services.

Baertrum Arturos III, Bounty Hunter $28


Not all Bounty Hunters are desperados, loners or venators. Baertrum Arturos the Third is a member of the Adjurators, the Guilds’ own private Order of hunters, concerned with the recovery of their own property and the reprimand of those responsible for taking it.

baertrum takes pride in his work as a Bounty Hunter and serves as a swift and deadly option for your Gangs to hire. His weapon of choice is a Needle Pistol with an autoloader.

Necromunda Bounty Hunter Trio $78

necromunda bh 2

If you wanted to get a figure for every new Bounty Hunter, you could always pre-order them all at the same time. While the price is set at $78 for three models, you’re not actually saving any money in the bundle. You could just buy them all separate if you felt like it!

Forge World has been really focusing on Necromunda and Adeptus Titanicus lately with most of the previous pre-orders being cosmetic kits/extra bits. What do you think about this wave of pre-orders? Will you be using the Bounty Hunters as conversion pieces? let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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