Gloomspite Gitz: Playing Troggoths at 2000 Points!

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Rockgut Troggoth

Do love big fatty models in Age of Sigmar?  We’re going to show you how to field those big Troggoths models from Gloomspire Gitz at 2000 points now!

It’s cold as all get out. But, can you feel the heat coming off the Gloomspite Gitz?

We may be in the dead of winter here in the mitten state, (-26 wind chill as of this writing) but I don’t think the Gloomspite Gitz care too much about that. They are the new hotness that GW has released, and the models are certainly stunning!

We are going to look at building an army of these bad boys three different ways, using the new battletome.

Starting off we will look at my favorite, the Troggoth army. (Note: This is not a cheap army to buy and play, troggoths are massive models that cost a lot of points and the price is reflected via GW)

We showed you some ideas about how to field these bad boys at 1000 points earlier, and now it’s time to crank it up to 11 and roll to 2000 points of TROGGS!

troggoth wal 1

Going to 2000 points is tricky, you might want to consider a third battle line of a horde unit just so that you have bodies to throw forwards as well as to take objectives. But with my troggoth army, I want to have some fun and do something I normally don’t do and that is to take a Battalion.

I am going to go with the Troggherd Battalion, to get there I will need to add another unit of Rockgut Troggoths (Add another $60) and I am going to add two Aleguzzler Gargants as well. Your new army will look something like this.

  • Dankhold Troggboss: 300 points (Leader 1 of 6)
  • Troggoth Hag (Forge World): 380 Points (Leader 2 of 6, Behemoth 1 of 4)
  • 3 Rockgut Troggoths: 160 points (Battleline 1 of 3 Required)
  • 3 Rockgut Troggoths: 160 points (Battleline 2 of 3 Required)
  • 3 Fellwater Troggoths: 160 points (Battleline 3 of 3 Required)
  • Aleguzzler Gargant: 160 Points (Behemoth 2 of 4)
  • Aleguzzler Gargant: 160 Points (Behemoth 3 of 4)
  • Troggherd: 180 Points (Battalion)
  • Bad Moon Loonshrine: 0 Points (Free Scenery)

Total 1660 Points



Aleguzzler Gargant: $54

Move (Damage Table 8” down to 3”), 5+ Save, Bravery 6, 12 Wounds 

They have three different melee weapons: ‘Eadbutt: Range 1”, 1 Attack, Hitting on a 4+, Wounding on a 3+, with -3 Rend, for Damage (Damage Table D6 down to 1). Next is Massive Club: range 3”, Attacks (Damage Table 3D6 down to D6), Hitting and Wounding on a 3+, for 1 Damage. Finally Mighty Kick: Range 2”, 1 Attack, Hitting and Wounding on a 3+, with -2 Rend, for D3 Damage. If this model charges and rolls a double this model cannot make the charge, and the players roll off, the winning player picks a point within 3” of this model and all units within 2” of that suffer D3 mortal wounds. After this model piles in you can pick 1 enemy model within 3” and roll a dice. If it is equal to or greater than the double the models wounds characteristic that model is slain. When this model is slain players roll off, the winning player picks a points within 3” and all units within 2” suffer D3 mortal wounds.

Troggherd: $40


If any unmodified wound rolls with a melee weapon used by this battalion is a 6, add 1 to the Damage of that attack.

Right now, you have a two-drop army, that hits like a hammer and can take almost any sort of punishment thrown at them. What you are lacking though is some leaders, especially in scenarios where you can only score objectives with them. So, to remedy that we are going to bring in some cheaper models that you can use to support your troops and score objectives.

  • Mollog: 170 Points (Leader 3 of 6)
  • Fungoid Cave Shaman: 90 Points (Leader 4 of 6)
  • Madcap Shaman: 80 Points (Leader 5 of 6)

Total 2000 Points

troggoth wal New Chaos & Troggoth Nightvault Cards REVEALEDMollog (Warhammer Underworlds): $30

Move 6”, 4+ Save, 7 Bravery, 8 Wounds

He has a missile weapon Jabbertoad: Range 12”, 1 Attack, Hitting and Wounding on a 4+, for 1 Damage. If it wounds and is not saved subtract 1 from that enemy models hit rolls for the rest of the battle round. His melee weapon is a Puff-Fungus Club: Range 1”, 2 Attacks, where you roll a D6 for each attack. One a 1 nothing happens, 2-3 the target suffers 1 mortal wound, 4-6 they suffer D3 mortal wounds. He ignores spells and endless spells on a 4+. He adds 1 to the bravery of all Gloomspite Gitz Units wholly within 12” of him. In your hero phase roll a dice, on a 4+ he heals D3 wounds.

Every time he takes a wound he can instead have a minion take the wound. His minions are a Bat Squig: In shooting phase 1 enemy unit within 18” takes a mortal wound on a 5+. Spiteshroom: Start of combat phase 1 enemy unit within 3” subtracts 1 from hit rolls on a 5+. Stalagsquig: When you remove this minion roll a D6 on a 5+ the wound is still negated but this minion is not removed.

Fungoid Cave Shaman: $35

Move 5”, 6+ Save, 4 Bravery, 4 Wounds 

He has two melee weapons, the first is a Moon Sickle: Range 1”, 3 Attacks, Hitting and Wounding on a 4+, with -1 Rend, for 1 Damage. Then his Spore Squig’s Vicious Teeth: Range 1”, 2 Attacks, Hitting and Wounding on a 4+, for 1 Damage. At the start of your hero phase roll a dice, on a 4+ you receive an additional command point. Each time you allocate an unsaved wound or mortal wound on a 4+ it is negated. Once per battle this model can attempt to cast an additional spell witch his unique spell being Spore Maw: Casting Value 7, Each enemy unit within D6” of the caster suffers D3 mortal wounds.

night gobbo shaman fan art by teli333

Madcap Shaman: $10

Move 5”, 6+ Save, 4 Bravery, 4 Wounds 

He has one melee weapon the Moon Staff: Range 2”, 1 Attacks, Hitting and Wounding on a 4+, with a -1 rend, for D3 Damage. Once per battle in your hero phase you can attempt to cast an additional spell, if you do so and the casting roll is a double then this model suffers D3 mortal wounds after the effects of the spell (if any) have been resolved. His unique spell is Night Shroud: Casting Value 5, friendly unit wholly within 12”, subtract 1 from missile weapons that target this unit.

Total Cost for 2000 Points: ($615)

gloomspite preview 9

Loadouts: For your bonus spells I would choose itchy Nuisance which makes an enemy unit go last in the combat phase letting you get strikes in first with your heavy hitters. The other one would be Hand of Gork to teleport your Troll Hag into the thick of things. For artifacts give your Dankhold Troggoth the Glowy Howzit which gives him a 4+ shrug against unsaved wounds and mortal wounds (on a roll of a 1 it cant be used). Then for your bonus artifact give your Madcap Shaman the Moonface Mommet, which subtracts 1 from enemy save rolls within 12” of the bearer. Finally, for a bonus command trait, I would go with the Mighty Blow, which lets you reroll damage for the generals Club attack.

Tactics: At 2000 points, you have a five-drop army, so you will almost always have the choice to go first or second make it count. You have a very low model count army with 16 models total with no chance of getting them back, so do not sell your models cheaply. The high wounds, decent save, regeneration, and spell shrugging should help get your losses to a minimum. You have plenty of magic and Magical Shield should be getting cast on one of your units every turn from someone.

Also, be aware of the low bravery for your battleline units, it might be worth using a command point to pass battleshock for them if you lose a model because an unlucky roll can mean you’re sunk. Don’t be afraid to get your Troll Hag and Dankhold Troggboss in the thick of things they can take any punishment and dish out even more. You need to maximize the number of points you kill from every unit because of how much they cost, if not you will quickly fall behind.

There you have it. A very expensive and low model count army that takes advantage of the sweet new models that GW is pushing out. With as few models as there are, you just might not be as competitive as you like.

It does make painting easier and there are some scenarios that you might thrive in.


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