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flesh eater courts

More rules are here for the Flesh-Eater Courts! Don’t miss what’s coming in their Battletome focusing on their Endless Spells and the Charnel Throne.

Warhammer Community gave us a heads up on what the Flesh-Eater Courts Endless Spells and terrain would be doing on the table. But before we jump into the latest, take a look at some of the rules that have been confirmed in earlier previews!

Who Are the Flesh-Eater Courts?

flesh eater courts carrion empire wal hor

Heirs to an ancient and terrible curse, the Flesh-eater Courts are ghoulish creatures of death trapped in a terrible delusion. Utterly lost to madness, they believe themselves nobles and knights of a bygone age, blissfully unaware of their true nature as degenerate, bloodstained cannibals. Swollen by feasts of flesh and dark magic. The mordants of the Flesh-eater Courts fight with horrible fury, capable of tearing men limb from limb with nothing but their taloned hands.

The Flesh-Eater Courts are still going to have similar Allegiance Abilities to what was found in the General’s Handbook. However, key rules are getting a huge buff. Let’s look at Feeding Frenzy.

feeding frenzy

Instead of randomly getting to fight again, Feeding Frenzy has been reworked into a command ability. This is huge because you can manipulate when you fight twice exactly when you need to. All at the cost of 1CP. Perhaps the best part about this rule is that you don’t have to pop it in the Hero phase! You can wait and see how many models are left in the enemy unit to decide if you want to outright slaughter them all or just save your CP.

The Grand Courts

Grand Courts are a new selection players will have to pick from. These represent the different hordes of the faction and how they wage war.

flesheater courts

Chosen when writing your army list, Grand Courts represent the distinct subcultures of Flesh-eater Courts across the Mortal Realms. The Blisterskin Grand Court, for example, are scorched cannibals from Aqshy who worship the Realm of Light. Dedicate your army to them, and you’ll get loads of nifty abilities, such as a higher Move characteristic and extra command points.


The Blisterskins, for example, are lightning fast and are designed for quick overpowering games. You can net a few CP in the early turns to keep your command abilities pumping. If you don’t make it into combat in the first turn with these guys, you definitely will on the second!

peerless ferocity

Another Court is called Gristlegore. This is the Court you want to take along if you’re spamming Heroes and Monsters. Every hit roll of a 6+ with these units counts as getting two hits instead of one. You’ll be able to clear droves of rank and file units as well as mangle the tougher multi-wound models of the game.

Lores of the Flesh-Eater Courts

flesh-eater courts

The Flesh-Eater Courts now also get the Lore of Madness. It’s chock full of spells that are handy in just about any situation on the battlefield. Check out Blood Feast, for example.

blood feast

This spell is a bit gamey, you have to make sure the positioning of your units is just right. Even though it shouldn’t be hard to do  –this is a horde army after all. But essentially, it’s like an awkward smite. You can do D3 mortal wounds and up to D6 mortal wounds if your casting roll is 10 or higher.

What really makes this spell nasty is that you can potentially bring back multiple models or completely restore a multi-wound unit back to full health! It all depends on how well you roll on your mortal wounds.

spectral host

Spectral Host essentially just gives a unit close to the caster the Fly keyword. If the unit you picked already had the Fly keyword, then they can run and still charge until your next Hero phase. If you roll 10 or higher on your casting test, you can pick up to three units! Imagine seeing a tidal wave of Ghouls crash through a forest or leap over the walls of a massive cathedral. That will create a problem that your enemy will be forced to react to. Plus, it only takes a 6 to go off!

Command Traits & Artifacts

flesh eater courts

Flesh-Eater Courts are going to have a whole host of Command Traits and artifacts for your Courtiers to swap around. While the Royal Zombie Dragon and Terrorgheist will have their own special selection.

death from the skies

If you want to create some turn-one havoc, you’ll be able to give your Dragon/Terrorgheist Death from the Skies. At the end of your movement phase, you must set this unit up on the battlefield more than 9″ away from enemy models.

Imagine seeing a Zombie Dragon circle the skies and plunge to the ground right before your line while you can see blurs of Ghouls racing towards you. You’ll be forced to deal with the Dragon as there’s nothing else you CAN do!

Flesh-Eater Courts Endless Spells Rules

flesh-eater courts endless spells 2


cadaverous barricade

Fancy talk for “wall of bodies”, the Cadaverous Barricade literally slows down anything that begins its movement too close to it. You can place it within 24″ of the caster after rolling a 5 or higher on two dice and if a model moves while it’s next to the wall, its movement is halved.

What makes this spell so unique is that it can be used as your friendly models as cover as well! And don’t worry. Death units aren’t slowed down by this thing.

chalice of ushoran

The Chalice is actually a blood bank for your Flesh-Eater Courts. You should cast this thing and plop it down right in the thick of combat. Then, as your turn progresses, you need to keep track of ANY models that are slain within 12″. At the end of the turn, you roll a D6 for each model that was taken off the battlefield and for each 4+ you can heal a wound or bring a model back.

Your opponents are going to do their best to dispell this thing because you’ll be able to get back Ghoul after Ghoul while their forces dwindle.

corpsemare stampede

You’ll have to place the models within 3D6″ of the caster as soon as it goes off. But then you’ll be able to move it up to 14″. The Stampede literally carpet bombs units in mortal wounds. You roll 5 dice for each unit this flies over in a 14″ span and every time you beat its wounds characteristic, they take a mortal wound. If you roll a 6+, they take D3 instead. If you roll hot enough, you can do 5D3 mortal wounds…yikes.

Charnel Throne Terrain Piece

charnel throne


charnel throne 2

The Charnel throne is an icon of hope for your Flesh-Eater Courts. Any other unit sees it as an abomination and a horrible omen of the battle ahead. Friendly units use the Inspiring scenery rule while the enemy units treat it as sinister scenery.

Depending on what leader is sitting on the throne, he lets you bring in reinforcements for absolutely free! Save that command point for something else!

The Charnel Throne seems like one of the more tame Terrain pieces that we’ve reviewed in the past. However, with the different combos that may be hiding in the Battletome, the Throne could be an all-star unit!

What do you think about their Endless Spells? Which one stuck out to you the most? Which Leader are you going to have sit on your throne? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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