Surprise! 2 Weeks Left For Chaos Space Marine Countdown


There are only two weeks left until the new Chaos Space Marine countdown clock hits zero. Question is what happens then? We break down the latest!

Haarken, Abaddon, and everything from the Shadowspear box (which we still haven’t seen all the previews for) are revolving around Vigilus. If you forgot, Vigilus is the “gateway” planet that connects the Imperium to its other half in the galaxy. But it seems that Chaos and Xenos want a slice of the planet for themselves as well.

A big teaser that kicked off tons of speculation about future releases of Chaos Space Marines appeared back on December 16th.  Games Workshop put a 37-second second teaser recently proclaiming the return of Chaos:


We Have Returned!

The video ends in a countdown clock to a date 80 days from its reveal.

From the timing above it appears the video indicates March 5th, 2019, (which is as of this writing 13 days away) but what exactly may happen that day is still a bit of a mystery.

gama 2019

But consider this the following week is the annual GAMA conference in Reno, NV where last year Games Workshop revealed 40k Kill Team and the Idoneth Deepkin plus more Shadespire, Bloodbowl, and Necromunda as well. Coincidence? We think not…

New GW & FFG Minis Spotted At GAMA 2018

We’ve been seeing previews for new Chaos units in Shadowspear, but we still feel like we haven’t seen the whole thing just yet. What will be revealed on March 5th, and will it lead to a bigger or smaller preview at GAMA and Adepticon 2019 weeks later?

Speaking of previews for new Chaos units…

Shadowspear Trailer From LVO

Shadowspear Box Set & New Models

Shadowspear is coming and contains forces of Chaos & Space Marines. The Box will contain all new miniaturesTake a look at what was previewed:


chaos venom crawler

Arachnid Daemon Engine Venomcrawler

…the Venomcrawler is a skittering horror that provides withering infernal fire support. This thing is so saturated in the taint of the Warp that its presence thins the veil of reality itself, allowing Daemons easier access to realspace.

New Obliterator Models

obliterator new 1
New Obliterator models are coming inside the box that look to be festering with Chaos warp taint. These brutes are fantastic on the table and become even scarier with the Mark of Slaanesh.

Master of Possessions


chaos sorcerer

The New Sorcerer that was previewed earlier is actually some kind of named character that specializes in possessions. He’ll be armed with spells that are specifically designed to help out Daemon allies and corrupt the enemies around him.

New Chaos Marine Models

new chaos marines

While the Chaos Marine unit itself is nothing new, the black Legion are getting completely new sculpts! It’s been a long time coming for Chaos support and we’re finally getting it!

Abaddon’s Bits Previewed in Video


abaddon primaris 3


abaddon primaris 2

Abaddon looks to be coming in time as well. GW showed “The Warmaster” and a video with his iconic Talon of Horus and Daemonic sword standing on a dead Primaris Lieutenant. A lot of hobbyists out there are thinking that Abaddon and a whole new swarm of Chaos creations will be making planetfall on Vigilus to claim it for good.

Haarken told Abaddon that he could have the world fall to its knees within 80 days and his time is running short as March 5th is only weeks away.

Nonstop Rumor Daemon Engines

daemon engine wal hor new chaos warhammer community


Games Workshop felt that a brand new Abaddon model, new units, and entirely new sculpts weren’t quite enough for Chaos. So, instead of following their normal rumor engine schedule, they’ve been revealing all-new Chaos bits under their rumor Daemon engine title. Day by day, they’ve been previewing a little something on the way for Chaos Marines. Check out what we’ve seen so far.

All things considered, it’s about time for Chaos to get a good dose of love and support. They are easily one of the most popular factions in 40k and players have had to use some of the oldest models ever printed in their armies. Just stay patient and keep those eyes peeled as we watch the clock run down on Vigilus!

What else do you think Games Workshop has in store for Chaos? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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