Toy Fair 2019 Combat Arena & Funko POP! Live Pics Spotted

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combat arena

Don’t miss new first-hand pictures of the new Combat Arena board game and the new Funko POP! Space Marines from the 2019 NY Toy Fair event!

Warhammer Community gave us a heads up at what they’ll be bringing to the table at the 2019 Toy Fair in New York.  Among some of those previews were a handful of brand new 40k minis inside of a Combat Arena board game as well as some Funko POP! Space Marines!

toyfair wal

Thanks to a hobbyist on our Spikey Bits Hobbies Facebook Group, we have some first-hand pictures of the new minis.

Combat Arena Boardgame

combat arena


combat arena 1

This Combat Arena is actually a prequel to the events at Blackstone Fortress. The setting of the game actually takes place in an Imperial ship where you can grab a few of your friends and duke it out between the fighters you choose. But what kind of models are going to be inside the game exactly? Well, new sculpts of a Crusader, a Primaris Psyker, and even a new Rogue Trader model!

new gw psyker

The Primaris Psyker alternate model is perfect for your Imperial Guard.

new gw crusader

Need a T3 Inquisitor? Use this new Crusader sculpt!

new gw rogue trader

You know how you know you’re fancy? When you have a servo skull that loads your revolver for you.

new gw servitor

Servitors are typically mindless automatons that do the real legwork the Imperium needs, but it looks like he’s got enough mind of his own to kill whoever challenges him.

new gw techpriest

Ad Mech are known to have multiple Techpriests seeded into their ranks. Why not use this new model that stands out from the others!

More Live Pictures from Toy Fair

combat arena 2

The minis look to all be characters with special names! if these guys get their own 40k rules, they’ll probably all be an HQ/Elite choice (except for the Servitor, of course).

combat arena 3

  • Psyker: Aradia Madellan
  • Tech Priest: Daedaldsus
  • Servitor: X-101
  • Rogue Trader: Neyam Shai Murad
  • Crusader: Gotfret De Montbard

While these models are coming exclusive to the board game, they still have plenty of uses across all kinds of Imperial factions in tabletop 40k. The best part of it is you get all new minis that you can always pull out to play in a brawler-style game with your friends on a Saturday morning! This could be the perfect (cheaper) way to get them into the 40k universe after all.

Vinyl Funko POP 40k Models Spotted

Thanks to the same hobbyist at the event, we have some first-hand pics of the Vinyl Space Marines wrapped up in their plastic drop pods!

funko pop1


funko pop marines

Funko POP! 40k Space Marines were another part of the models spotted at the Toy Fair event. We’ve been seeing previews on these cute Marines for a while now and we still have no confirmed prices just yet (as they’re not being sold on the shelves across stores right now). Nonetheless, any hardcore fan of these Chapters may need to snag one for their shelves as a “Relic of the Chapter”.

gencon space marine 2

2018’s Space Marine Marine Board Game

Last year we saw a plethora of board games hit Barnes and Noble for the holiday season from Games Workshop, and with previews this early in the year, they may be gearing up for a BIG push the 2019 holiday as well!

Do you think the Combat Arena minis will be easy-to-build? Which character are you throwing into your 40k army? Which Space Marine Chapter will you represent with a Funko POP! mini? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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