BREAKING: New Abaddon Model & Vigilus 2 Revealed

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Don’t miss this one! Warhammer Community is revealing the end of the Warhammer 40k countdown as something is happening on Vigilus!

Warhammer Community told us that Haarken, Abaddon, and everything from the Shadowspear box is revolving around Vigilus. When Haarken, the Lord of Raptors was introduced, an eighty-day countdown clock began. Haarken told Abaddon that would be all the time he needed to claim Vigilus under Chaos (which started on December 16th).

As of right now, the majority of the new Shadowspear box has been revealed online.  Warhammer Community now is revealing what happens at the end of the Haarken’s countdown!

Abaddon Makes His Big Debut

abaddon 1

Abaddon is back and bigger than ever! Literally, he’s huge. But what can you expect from a Terminator embued with powers from all four Chaos gods dating back before the Horus Heresy? It looks like he hasn’t had any trouble killing a few of the Imperium’s new Primaris Marines either.

abaddon 2

Hopefully, these arms won’t be going anywhere.

abaddon 3

Just how big is Abaddon? Well, he’s actually looking to be bigger than the new Typhus model we just saw Death Guard get not too long ago. A normal Primaris Marine sits about chest-high to ol’ Abby.

The original Abaddon miniature was a classic, and in this new model, you can see the inspiration from Jes Goodwin’s iconic designs. The Talon of Horus is every inch the barbaric and intimidating weapon that killed Sanguinius, while the screaming, twisting form of Drach’nyen is brought to life as never before.

abaddon 4

This incarnation of Abaddon is also a lot bigger, standing nearly as tall as a Primarch, towering over other Chaos Space Marines and making for an instantly eye-catching addition to any collection.

abaddon 5

With all the Primaris Lieutenants GW has been spewing out, it was only a matter of time before one crossed Abaddon. Look what happened to him. Abaddon is so heavy his foot caved through the power armor. Keep in mind that armored ceramite has no issue deflecting even the most brutal rounds from the enemy in the lore.

Three Different Head Options Spotted

abaddon 6

With Abaddon traveling to different planets, there are bound to be some hostile environments that aren’t safe to breathe in. If you like the more logical look, throw on his respirator!

abaddon 8

If you want to show Abaddon off seething with hate, use this grimaced masterpiece!

abaddon 9

And lastly, if you want your Abaddon to look like he’s still very angry, but also watching an interesting Documentary on Slaaneshi dating gone wrong, use this headpiece!

Of course, Abaddon’s return is bad news for Vigilus – and he will be released alongside the thrilling finale to the Imperium Nihilus series, Vigilus Ablaze…

Vigilus Ablaze: Book II

vigilus ablaze

Where the previous Imperium Nihilus book focused on the varied forces of the War of Beasts, Vigilus Ablaze is all about Chaos, bringing to life the vast and myriad forces gathered to annihilate this once-impregnable world. A wealth of rules content will expand your options for Chaos armies enormously, with Specialist Detachments, new datasheets and more. 

With the Forces of Chaos being the center of attention for the second Vigilus book, we are bound to see all sorts of thematic detachments, new stratagems, and more! Just like the first book.

We’ve got a treasure trove of Chaos releases in the days ahead. But for right now, you may want to start getting ready with a Shadowspear Box Set.

Check out the latest on Shadowspear and all the new releases below:

shadowspear unboxing

Shadowspear Unboxed! Sprues Breakdown

Shadowspear Pricing CONFIRMED: GW New Releases & More

gw money cash

Want to know how much Shadowspear will cost you next week?  Look no further! Get a first-hand look at the latest 40k new releases & prices!

Full Chaos 40k Shadowspear Datasheet Rules REVEALEDkhorne daemonkin sm wal chaos

It’s raining rules! Don’t miss the 5 new Chaos Space Marine Warhammer 40k rules datasheets and miniature lineup for the Shadowspear box!

All 5 New Shadowspear Primaris Rules Datasheets SPOTTED!

space marine primaris wal hor site shadowspear

5 New Primaris Space Marine units are coming our way! Don’t miss the Warhammer 40k rules and miniature lineup for the Shadowspear box!

Regardless of however Games Workshop decides to dish out the new releases in the coming weeks, we know we have loads in store for us in 2019 still!

What are your thoughts of the releases? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby group. 

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