Long War 40k Doubles Top Painted Armies: Adepticon 2019

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Have you been wondering what the coolest army mash-ups were from Adepticon’s 2019 Long War Doubles tournament? Check this out.

The Long War Doubles tournament is a friendly gathering where teams of two are pitted against each other. It’s a tournament where just about anything goes! You can bribe your opponent, your judge, and whoever else! These lists are designed to be fun with a little spice of competitiveness and creativity.

Check out what made it to the top of our list on the paint side of things!

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Long War Doubles Top Painted Armies: Adepticon 2019

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Custodes doubled down on red! With Ad Mech and the Emperor’s bodyguards leading the charge, these guys definitely turned heads. Sweet cherry red bikes!

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Have you ever seen Daemon so bright? This colorful mash up of paint almost made the army look like they were glowing.

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These Traitor Guardsmen are spewing warp-fueled flame out of their tanks! The purple-theme on all of their weapons made a beautiful contrast to the drab brown.

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Looking at the Tau, these guys set up an expeditionary force in the frozen wastes. The armor detail on these guys makes it look like they’ve been out longer than they’ve expected and they’re doing just fine.

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Bringing in history to the future is a great way to earn cool points. This entire army is themed around Spartans. Check out this crazy conversion on the Castellan. He’s got the helmet, spear, and cape to throw everything together!


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These Guardsmen are snow regiment designed to hold any ground they can on frozen terrain. They’re all camo’d up to blend in with their surroundings.

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An unlikely combo of Tau and Khorne make a great picture! The melee punch of Khorne mixed with the shooting phase of Tau can be a real issue for most armies. You’d be on the clock if you faced this army on the table!

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These Guardsmen look like a special mountaineer force as they scale down the hillside in their tanks.

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Knights supporting Harlequins is another fantastic (and unlikely) combo. The shooting from the Knights mixed with the speed of the Harlequins is another “no breathing room” list you’d be forced to deal with.

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Genestealer Cults started their uprising in the towers of a city block. The Imperium called in the Guard to go smack them around with their shovels!

There were all kinds of fantastic combos and paint jobs spotted at the long War Doubles tournament. But here are just a few to showcase! Have you ever played in a doubles tournament before? What were your faction combinations? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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