More Top 40k Team Tournament Armies: Adepticon 2019

By Wesley Floyd | March 31st, 2019 | Categories: Adepticon 2019, Armies on Parade, Warhammer 40k

Don’t miss the top Warhammer 40k armies that looked great even without an extravagant display at the Adepticon 2019 team tournament.

Adepticon managed to bring in all kinds of hobbyists from across the globe. Check out the second wave of armies that were spotted getting some serious attention.

adepticon walIf you haven’t seen the first wave of armies, make sure you check them out first!

a40k 1


a40k 2

Ultramarines and Ad Mech linked arms and marched across the table. Check out the paint chipping effect on the armor!

a40k 3


a40k 4

Iron Warriors brought in their conversions to deal with the Imperium. This Deredeo is bringing the heat.

a40k 5


a40k 6

Every last detail of this Custode army has been done by a paintbrush and dedication.

a40k 7


a40k 8

Eldar and Imperial Guard had a momentary truce at Adepticon. The highlights and shading effect on the wraithbone really catch your eye.

a40k 9


a40k 10

These converted Obliterators were the real backbone shooting unit in these Thousand Sons. Have you converted your own Obliterators before?

a40k 11


a40k 12

Mortarion and his bodyguards are rocking some sickly pale ceramite to bring the Imperium to its knees.

a40k 13


a40k 14

Yo Dawg, head you like Repulsors so we got some Repulsors for your Repulsors!

a40k 15


a40k 16

The Stormbird dropped onto the landing pad long enough to get the Emperor’s Finest out of dodge.

a40k 17


a40k 18

The Orks are running a race in the midst of a Tyranid hive fleet. They’ve got a full Xenos audience in the house!

a40k 19


a40k 20

Orks and yellow go together like sweet and salt! All of these models have some crazy paint jobs with some crisp edge highlights.

And that’s all for our second wave of 40k tabletop armies. What do you think about all of these factions? What’s your favorite army so far? Have you ever played at an Adepticon before? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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