Top 3 Unbeatable Warhammer 40k Armies Adepticon Day 1

genestealer cult

We know you’ve been wanting to know what the top three 40k lists that pounded the meta at Adepticon so sit back and check out the full break down!

Adepticon hosted a whole day of 40k for all kinds of players from around the world. But who were the ones that dominated the other factions in the first day? Get ready to find out.

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back at all the details from the match. Without any more delay, let’s jump into the details. Keep in mind that these top three armies were the ones that made it to the top 16 on the Day one.

Top 16 cut has been made, there’s still a full day of 40k gaming left to see who will win the finals.

1st place: Eldar- Sean Nayden

Team Battle Brothers / Long War


Jumping right into this list, it’s full of named characters. Maugen Ra, Eldrad, and the Yncarne all took the place of HQs in this Battalion detachment. But who were they leading? Two massive squads of Guardians! The firepower and table footprint from these guys are intense.


A Dark Eldar Battalion was thrown into the mix for CP and Stratagem access. It’s just two Succubi and thirty-five Wyches total. These guys are devastating in combat and can keep you from ever falling back with their nets. They may be T3 but they can cause a real headache.

Finally, an elitist Vanguard was taken for Harlequins for some extra support. Yvraine was actually spotted in the list with her cat too!

To sum in all up, this list had the psychic beatdown from a host of named Aeldari characters, the footprint to hold just about any objective on the table in a single turn, and the firepower to knock down any kind of light-medium armor.

2nd Place: Orks- Elliott Levy

ork deathskulls wal

Moving onto the Orks, these guys brought along the whole family. A Dread Waagh! Brigade was taken with two Big Meks and a Warboss leading the charge. One of those Big Meks brought along the Souped-up Shokka out of the specialist detachment because it’s honestly too good to pass up. Plus with the Kustom Ammo strat one of these units can shoot twice when you need it!

Two well-rounded units of Kommandos were thrown in to shake things up around turn two. Looking at the Troops, he brought five 10-man squads and one 20-man squad of Boyz. This was to help flesh out the Brigade and have a better reaction to what the opponent does on the table. Instead of dedicating a 30-man blob to clean out an objective, he could devote one or two smaller squads and get the job done.

Deff Koptas were used for the “in your face” firepower and were covered with supporting fire from those backfield Mek gunz.

Lastly, a squad of 15 Lootas managed to squeeze into the list. These guys plinked enemy armor from their deployment under the cover of thirty Gretchin.

3rd Place: Stephen (Juice) Fore- GSC Team Battle Brothers / Long War

gsc wal

Now, this is a list that is loaded with all kinds of details. GSC is a faction that’s completely able to take on just about any list with no surprises. They are extremely versatile and are packed with key characters that only cost a handful of points.



The main workhorse of this army comes from the rock saw Acolytes, the Hybrid Metamorphs, and the Atalan Jackals. Most of them decked out with demolition charges, of course. This entire army can deepstrike so it can react to any list it faces. But the Acolytes with Rock saws were definitely thrown into deepstrike and waited for those precious T8 Knight legs to come walking around the corner!

As for the Jackals, their main job is to clear screens along with the nine Brood Brothers mortars.

The Kelermorph showed up with his ridiculous pistols that could easily wipe a character or a whole squad off the table in one round of shooting. You should get the theme here. This faction is able to put a key unit just about anywhere on the board and deal with whatever threat.

Especially when their firepower gets comboed with their bonkers psychic powers like taking over an enemy Knight and getting to shoot all of its weapons.

adepticon wal

Again, this was just a breakdown of the three lists in the first day of the 40k championships. We’ve still got to see who comes out at the finals.

Great job to all 16 players who climbed to the top in the first day!

What do you think about these lists? What faction do you play? What’s the highest you’ve ever placed at a tournament? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group

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