Top Creature Caster Resin Beast Entries: Adepticon 2019

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If you love Creature Caster minis, you won’t want to miss these entries from their Resin Beast painting competition at this year’s Adepticon.

Adepticon is home to all kinds of different hobby competitions. Creature Caster hosted their own painting competition for their minis exclusively this year at Adepticon. The Resin Beast brought all their top painted models to one place. Take a look at these top picks from their contest.

Keep in mind these are some of our personal top choices and not the winners. Check back later for that!

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Top Creature Caster Resin Beast Entries from Adepticon 2019

How much do you want to bet she knows every mystic power that there is to know. Look at her, she’s controlling the roots from the ground!

This Lady is ripping souls right out of the ground with a brilliant blue fade. The purple and bright blue contrast perfectly.

Disease personified never looked so good.

When it comes to rotting flesh, it’s great to have a realistic putrid skin tone. This King of Ruin is truly the lord of all famine when he’s sitting on his throne.

Are you seduced by the purple and blue color scheme yet? Check out the smallest details on the masks from her leg plates.

This abomination is a walking nightmare. But he looks so good! The purple highlight on his skin matched perfectly with the natural lighting of the room.

In a more toned-down take of this Demon, she’s got different shades of brown that really help the white highlighted masks pop!

This Demon looks like he sprung right out of an icy mountain himself! Look at the beautiful freezing blue skin tone of this JACKED demon.

What does a wise Demon look like? A bald bird with mouths all over his body. This guy looks like he’s been through all the ages and studied every spell there is to know!

What happens when a bug bites a Demon? He becomes a nightmarish locus creature. Keeping the same green that you’d expect from a bug, there are still some supernatural colors as undertones that really make this model pop!

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And those are just a few of the entries from the Creature Caster Resin Beast competition. What’s been your favorite model shown here? Have you entered into any painting competitions before? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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