Triple Dipping Aeldari: Armies on Parade LVO Showcase

LVO eldar 2

Eldar have been known to ally up for competitive meta lists! Take a look at these three factions brought together as one at the 2019 LVO!

The 2019 Las Vegas Open was another massive event for Wargaming that pulled people in from all across the globe. Of course, when you have that many players there, you’re bound to see jaw-dropping armies.

LVO 2019

With so many people at one event, these gorgeous flagship lists were everywhere! Check out this Aeldari force triple dipping in factions.

LVO eldar 1

Triple Dipping Aeldari

LVO eldar 3

The Eldar know the meta is as intense as it’s ever been. Because of this, they’ve decided to link arms in this showcase! With Drukhari bringing Grotesques, the big man Eldrad himself, and Harlequin Bikes, this list is a real stunner!

lvo eldar 5

Eldrad has been the big man for a while now. Popping up in almost every single Eldar list, he’s just too good to pass up! Talk about flexing your hobby muscles- Eldrad has all of the Aeldari markings running down his T3 jacket!

lvo eldar 6

A Death Jester and Solitaire are right at Eldrads’ side pulling their own weight. The Solitaire is a quick dealer of death that is surprisingly tough. He can dish out mortal wounds the harder you try to kill him too! As for the Death Jester, he’s crouching atop ancient ruins just waiting for some Troops with poor armor saves (like screens) to show up.

lvo eldar 7

Harlequins spare no expense when looking good in battle. Even though these bikes are about to break the sound barrier, the riders are still able to strike swift poses.

lvo eldar 8

The last thing the enemy sees is a colorful blur of yellow and green before meeting their demise.

As we’ve said before, the LVO 2019 had a whole host of beautiful one-of-a-kind armies. This was just one of the hundreds of armies that were seen turning heads on the table.

What do you think about this Eldar list? Do you run a bunch of the same units? How did you do your Harlequin design on your bikes? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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