GW Flexes Legal Action On Another Gaming Company

By Rob Baer | April 4th, 2019 | Categories: Games Workshop, News / Rumors

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GW flexed on another company recently for being to close to their Warhammer trademark, while also being the same classification of goods. Come see.

Games Workshop is notorious for protecting their property and titles. And rightfully so. They are a business at the end of the day and are trying to protect their content.

Recently, Games Workshop challenged a company called War Banner for being to close to their Warhammer trademark.  War Banner has announced it is changing its name to Dark Peak Games.

What Does War Banner (Now Dark Peak Games) Sell?


The company is responsible for providing miniatures, rules, dice, games, and other tabletop accessories for all sorts of historic/medieval games. For example, SAGA is a historically accurate skirmish game that pits factions against one another with in-game mechanics that you won’t find anywhere else. It uses dice and tactics heavily. You are forced to plan out your turn based on what you roll on a handful of dice and lead your men to victory.

saga 2

War Banner Becomes Dark Peak Games

war banner

On the 1st March 2019 Games Workshop Limited (GW) requested the withdrawal of our trademark WAR BANNER as in their opinion it bears significant similarity to GW’s registered trademark WARHAMMER with our registration being sought in relation to the same classification of goods which GW sells under WARHAMMER.

After seeking legal advice Mark Farr and Andy Hobday decided to comply and have worked with GW to reach a satisfactory conclusion. 

According to War Banner GW thought they looked too much like Warhammer and with both company’s models being in the same category of goods, GW pursued the company to reach a legal agreement.

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Going forwards the use of War Banner will cease across all digital platforms from the 1st April 2019. Alongside this we are also currently in the application process with Companies House to change our name to Dark Peak Games Limited as well as making other changes wherever it is needed; this will take time, so please bear with us during this transitional period. We believe by the 1st of June 2019 we will have made all necessary changes to comply.

The company is getting a change of name from War Banner to Dark Peak Games. Don’t worry. Their products aren’t going anywhere. The only thing that will be changing in the next few months is the logos on their packaging. You’ll still be able to get all of your models, dice, books, etc. from the website!

In an incredible series of events War Banner, now Dark Peak Games has yet again been petitioned to change their name… This time by someone other than GW.  War Banner To Change Name Again NOT Because of GW

Do you think Games Workshop had grounds to push the company to change its name? Have you shopped off of War Banner’s site before? What do you think about their games? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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