War Banner To Change Name Again NOT Because of GW

By Wesley Floyd | April 4th, 2019 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors

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In an incredible series of events War Banner, now Dark Peak Games has yet again been petitioned to change their name… This time by someone other than GW.

If you haven’t heard, War Banner was a gaming company that Games Workshop thought sounded too closely to Warhammer.  Since both companies make the same category of goods, they petitioned to have War Banner change their name. 

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After settling on Dark Peak Games, they have been forced to change their name, for a second time…  Here is the latest:

What Does War Banner/Dark Peak Games Sell?


This gaming company is responsible for providing miniatures, rules, dice, games, and other tabletop accessories for all sorts of historic/medieval games. For example, SAGA is a historically accurate skirmish game that pits factions against one another with in-game mechanics that you won’t find anywhere else. It uses dice and tactics heavily. You are forced to plan out your turn based on what you roll on a handful of dice and lead your men to victory.

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War Banner Becomes Dark Peak Games

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On the 1st March 2019 Games Workshop Limited (GW) requested the withdrawal of our trademark WAR BANNER as in their opinion it bears significant similarity to GW’s registered trademark WARHAMMER with our registration being sought in relation to the same classification of goods which GW sells under WARHAMMER.

After seeking legal advice Mark Farr and Andy Hobday decided to comply and have worked with GW to reach a satisfactory conclusion. 

According to War Banner GW thought they looked too much like Warhammer and with both company’s models being in the same category of goods, GW pursued the company to reach a legal agreement.

Dark peak Games Gets Hit by Peak Games

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Spotted on Dark Peak Games’ Facebook two hours after our initial reporting above:

Today Dark Peak Games became short-lived as we have been served with a cease and desist from Peak Games (I kid you not), because of this we are not sure where we go from here on the name front.

Our current thought is to switch everything over to Footsore Miniatures and regroup which will mean the removal of this page in favour of the DPG: Footsore Miniatures page. If you aren’t following us over there can we encourage you to join us?

We are going to sleep on it and try and digest everything as at the moment we are a bit shell shocked and once decided we will make an announcement. Once again sorry for all the confusion, but it really isn’t of our making.

Essentially, there was a company out there going by Peak Games. When they caught wind of a company being titled Dark Peak Games, after GW’s petition, and they took the same action. The good news is that the historical wargaming company hasn’t been bested. They aren’t going out of business. They are just going to think about a new title that will keep them from getting pettitioned by other companies.

How Far is Too Far?

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How close does a name have to resemble something for legal action to be taken? Have certain hobby companies taken things a step too far? Let us know what you think in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

Oh, and if you have a name suggestion for War Banner, there is a good chance they may want to hear it at this point! 

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