Warhammer Leatherface? New GW Rumor Engine SPOTTED

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A new rumor engine is here from Games Workshop and it’s without a doubt got a gruesome backstory. Take a look at this bit and tell us what you think!

It’s that time once again for Warhammer Community to reveal their weekly rumor engine. The bit that’s been spotted is morbid and is probably going to be for Chaos. (Just a guess).

A Grimdark Leatherface?

rumor engine 4-2-19

Like we said earlier, this bit has a gruesome backstory. Someone had to lose their face to make it! Who knows what body parts those other pieces of “leather” are. We’ve actually seen a rumor engine in the past that has some similarities to this bit.

rumor engine 7-10-18 New Slaanesh Model Hidden in Plain Sight?

This rumor engine was spotted a while back and as far as we know, we’re not too sure that we’ve seen it previewed yet. Do you think these two bits could be going to the same model?

Who would Wear Such a Thing?

emperors children

If we had to pick one Chaos faction in 40k, it would be the Emperor’s Children/ Slaanesh Daemons. This guess isn’t too far out of the ballpark either, as we’ve just seen a full preview of Slaanesh support coming to AoS and Daemons.

Do you think whatever is wearing these patches of leather could maybe be a Slaaneshi character?

fabius bile hor

Time for a bigger Fabius Bile?

If we’re wrong and this bit actually ends up being something for Age of Sigmar, who do you think could wear it? Maybe a Necromancer? It’s definitely too clean for something like the Flesheater Courts to wear.

We won’t know for sure what it could be until we see it in a preview from GW. Make sure you keep those eyes peeled and try your best to match up those rumor engine bits to new models that we see in the future. Let us know what you think this bit could go to in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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