GW Reveals Seraphon Getting New Model & Battletome

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seraphon lizardmen wal horSeraphon are almost ready to hit the table in a new way. Take a closer look at what was revealed at the 2020 Las Vegas Open!

The time is now, Games Workshop just previewed more of their 2020 LVO the Las Vegas Open.

lvo preview

Las Vegas Open 2020

We saw a ton of previews already from GW for the 2020 release calendar at the new years open, and have been hearing a ton of rumors about new point elves, Psychic Awakening and more.

When AoS first dropped, Seraphon were sitting as one of the oldest armies at the highest tiers in terms of competitiveness. Their spells and synergies were fantastic and they all came from old models. However, now it’s almost their time to shine once again. Warhammer Community just revealed what’s on the way to the faction from the 2020 LVO. Take a look at the latest!


Seraphon Warscroll Cards Spotted Early

seraphon warscroll cards shipping documentAside from a few questionable rumor engines here and there, the only real clue we had that mentioned Seraphon coming was a shipping document that emerged about 24 hours early from the previews. The Warscroll cards are pretty indicative of the classic GW faction support that they’ve been giving to every army since AoS 2.0 dropped. That being the Battletome, a new terrain piece, endless spells, etc.

GW Reveals Seraphon Getting New Model & Battletome

seraphon battletome

The new battletome fully explores the origins and nature of the Seraphon in the Mortal Realms. You’ll have the chance to find out how the original refugees from the world-that-was became the celestially charged Starborne, and how the Seraphon are changing into the Coalesced – whatever that means. 

We can all probably agree that it was about time for Seraphon to have their time in the spotlight. And while Aelves (Lumineth Realm-lords) were also announced at the LVO, both factions are more than likely going to be hitting shelves almost back-to-back with each other.

seraphon terrain peiceWhatever this thing is, we can’t say for certain. But seeing that it doesn’t move and there are units crowding around it, it’ll probably be their faction terrain piece.

engine of the godsIf you ask us, it looks eerily similar to circle mounted on the back of the engine of the gods…Just turned on. As for what the model might do is purely speculation at this point. However, it’s reasonable to think that you might get certain bonuses to Wizards casting spells near it.

Seraphon are about to call a new book home. But in the light of Lumineth Realm Lords being revealed, will you have to choose one faction over the other? Could that altar-looking model be a terrain piece? What kind of rules do you think it’ll have?

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