New 40k Grey Knights Rules for Ritual of the Damned

psychic-awakening-grey-knightsIt’s happening! The Grey Knights are getting new 40k rules. Repeat, the Grey Knights are getting new rules! Don’t miss the latest from Ritual of the Damned.

Warhammer Community just previewed the first of many new rules for the Grey Knights as they look to be getting some different rules from their Space Marine cousins…

Ritual of the damned book warhammer 40k rules

“If you need to stop a Daemon-Primarch then you need to call the galaxy’s premier Daemon hunters – the Grey Knights. Fortunately, the sons of Titan have a whole host of new tricks to stop the Crimson King from performing his Ritual of the Damned.”

New Grey Knight Rules: Ritual of the Damned

Instead of Doctrines, the Grey Knights will be getting a new Masters of the Warp rule that lets you choose one of four tides to be dominant during the game.

masters of the warp tides Grey Knights“You can change the active Tide by using the Warp Shaping psychic power, one of six new powers included in Ritual of the Damned as part of the Dominus discipline, which Grey Knights psykers can choose from instead of picking from the Sanctic discipline.”

Empyrean Dominaton Grey KnightsIn addition to Warp Shaping, it looks like the Dominus discipline will also be getting the Empyrean Domination spell that provides a very useful in-game bonus.  We would assume these are two of the six new powers the Grey Knights will be getting in this supplement.

You can even go over 9000 with this stratagem that is probably worth playing before the domination spell, and after some sort of cantrip spell that is easier to cast in general.

New Grey Knight Relics & Litanies

They didn’t just get Chaplains in their codex to not benefit from litanies!  Introducing the Litanies of Purity:

“If the enemy thinks they are out of range of the Emperor’s vengeance, just chant the Recitation of Projection and prove them dead wrong.”

Plus new relics are incoming as well. Check out this new stave that can paddle enemy psykers within 18″

Ouch, that may hurt! Something tells me the character with this relic will have a bullseye on his back for sure against Psychic armies.

Bonus Stratagem time! GW posted this spicy strat on their Facebook page, and the crowd went wild!

dynamic insertion Grey KnightsLooks like it may just be about time to dust off those Sons of Titan, and get stuck in!

Are you excited about these new rules, or are you waiting for some more of the psychic awakening news?

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