Take Your Models Anywhere With This Mobile Hobby Table!

mobile-hobby-table-product-featureDon’t ruin your kitchen table! Check out this mobile dedicated hobby table you can use anywhere- even on the go at conventions or at home!

Perfect for hobbying while watching TV or life on the road! Plus if you need to hobby in the hotel before the GT this mobile hobby desk is for you!

Mobile Hobby Table

Adjustable TV Tray Table

This looks to be a new and improved model than the one I have been using for the last few months. With a more stable cross beam on the bottom legs, and topple proof corner guards I kinda want to buy this new one now.

100% Hobby Cat Approved!

I just lay down my mat and cutting pad and get to work while watching the game or my favorite shows. I have even taken this thing to conventions to use as a computer desk for making posts on the site.

Essential Tabletop & Storage Tools

Adjustable TV Tray TableBest of all it folds up and is out of the way quick!

Adjustable TV Tray Table


hobby tool cupI use the slide-out cup holder for my tools, glue, and kicker.

mobile hobby desk close small

When you adjust the table to the appropriate height and angle, you may play or work on your bed or on the sofa.

mobile hobby deskMobile Hobby Table

They are not joking, I use this thing every night almost.  This small compact table will let you hobby nearly anywhere!  Hobby strong, and out of the way- secure yours today!

Essential Tabletop & Storage Tools

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