New Thousand Sons 40k Rules Ritual of The Damned REVEALED

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thousand sonsHere’s the full 40k rules breakdown for the Thousand Sons Legion as they power up Psychic Awakening’s Ritual of the Damned update.

Coming from The Glacial Geek on YouTube, he’s done an incredible breakdown of all the rules and datasheet changes coming inside Ritual of the Damned for the three factions.

We’ll be breaking down all the tricks, Stratagems, and more for Thousand Sons next so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

New Thousand Sons 40k Rules Ritual of The Damned REVEALED

Thousand Sons


thousand sons sons of magnusEven though they’re walking magical dust robots, they still get the bonus attack on the charge and the same port for bolt weapons Rapid-Fire as Space Marines. Pretty dope.

As for the Cults of the Legion, there are nine different sub-factions to choose from being:

  • Prophecy
  • Time
  • Mutation
  • Scheming
  • Magic
  • Knowledge
  • Change
  • Duplicity
  • Manipulation

Each one of these has its own page dedicated to a Warlord Trait, psychic power, etc. These are broken down by DETACHMENT.

Note that these new benefits also do not affect Tzaangors, Cultists, or Named Characters.

Different Cult Rules & Bonuses

There’s a lot to go over on each of these so we recommend reading each one for yourself. However, we’ll be pulling out a few of the talking points on some.

thousand sons cults of the legion

  • The cult of Prophecy is neat. While your Warlord will be a slippery dude being able to move 6″ after he fires overwatch, it’ll be difficult to actually track him down to break his nose.
  • Pythic Brazier almost acts like a 6″ bubble of the Master Artisans Chapter Tactics for Marine Successors.
  • The Divine the Future is essentially a miracle dice for the Sisters of Battle that you get to use on a ton of different instances.

thousand sons cult time and mutatoinThe Cult of Time’s Immaterial Echo is a solid Warlord Trait if you’re bringing a dude who is going to be sitting back slinging powers all game. If he rolls a 9+ on a psychic test, he can cast another for free.

As for the Cult of Mutation’s Exalted Mutation relic, you can give a bearer +1 Attack and Toughness.

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thousand sons cult scheming and magicCult of Scheming is getting a Raven Guard-style psychic power called Seeded Strategy which lets a unit within 24″ (that’s fantastic) shoot and charge even if it fell back earlier in the turn.

The Cult of Magic has a dope pseudo-smite power called Astral Blast. It’s range is shorter, but it also dishes out a mortal wound to every other enemy unit within 3″ of the target unit.

housand sons cult of knowledge and changeThe Cult of Knowledge has heat-seeking bullets in a relic pistol essentially turning it into a flamer. But since it’s a pistol, it can be shot while you’re in combat. Getting D6 shots at -2 AP isn’t bad and will help act as a deterrent for your squishy Psyker that might be getting close to the enemy.

Cult of Change has a dope Warlord Trait called Fickle Nature which lets him reroll charges. In addition, he can shoot and charge if he fell back in the turn. (Imagine that on a souped-up Daemon Prince).

thousand sons cult of duplicity and manipulationThe Sorcerous Facade power for the Cult of Duplicity is going to be adding some much-needed mobility to the army. Especially if you’re running an objective-based list, this is like a Da Jump port from the Ork codex.

And lastly, the Burning Influence Warlord Trait on the Cult of Manipulation is brutal if you want to turn your Warlord into a one-man tarpit. He can subtract 1 from all attacks from each MODEL of enemy units within 1″ of the Warlord.

Thousand Sons Get Even More Stratagems

thousand sons stratagem sheetAnd to top everything off, the Thousand Sons are getting another sheet of Stratagems that can be used by any Cult. Indomitable Foes is nice if you want to protect your Infantry a bit more and make them a harder speed-bump to kill. You can increase the entire unit’s invuln by 1 for just 1CP.

And one of the more interesting Stratagems we’ve seen is a 2D6 Heroic Intervention move your Rubrics/Terminators can pull for 2CP when a Tsons character gets charged. Plus, Yoked Automata makes it sound like the unit of dusty bois is absolutely JACKED.

Overall, the Thousand Sons’ main support focus came in the form of Cults. While they’re exclusive rules, the bright side is that you can pick a different cult for each Detachment you take.

Hit play on the full review below, and make sure you subscribe to Glacial Geek on Youtube today!

With all of this being covered, which three Cults will you be running first? Did Thousand Sons just get even better than before?

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