Exorcist Tank: eBay Miniature Rescues Tutorial

exorcist tank miniature rescueseBay Miniature Rescues partnered with Goobertown Hobbies for an exciting Sisters of Battle Exorcist Tank challenge!

eBay Miniature Rescues is a unique channel that takes beat up, damaged minis and tries to restore them! It’s a relatively new channel on YouTube and is super fun to watch what they are able to do with abused and unwanted miniatures.

Exorcist Tank: eBay Miniature Rescues Tutorial

ebay rescue starting tankFirst things first, he has to strip the tank and cleans it up to get ready to repaint it.

based tankHe primes it with Vallejo Black Surface Primer. Starting with the base coat, he takes Citadel Castellan Green and bases all of the armor plates. Next, he uses P3 Iosan Green to start brightening up the green. He also uses P3 Necrotite Green as an edge highlight. He adds a bit of Citadel Flash Gitz Yellow to that edge highlight to really make it glow.

weatherd exorcistNext, he weathers the paint with a super stiff brush and, interestingly enough, some dove hairspray. He wants to make it look like the tank is old and has been through a couple of coats, so he will do just that!

treads emrHe takes Vallejo Gun Metal and lightly goes over the metal parts to let the black primer show through and to give it a dark metal look. Then, he uses Citadel Typhus Corrosion on the tank treads. He also dries brushes over that corrosion with any silver, and again with Citadel Ryza Rust.

re-weatheringFollowing this, he uses VGA Burnt Umber on the bottom part of the tank to give it a slightly dirty color. Here he begins to recover the tank with P3 Iosan Green, P3 Necrotite Green, Citadel Flash Gitz Yellow and then re-weathers the tank to reveal the previous coat of paint underneath.

tank metal detailsHe then moves onto details starting with P3 Menoth White Base on all the plate details. He then highlights it with P3 Menoth White Highlight. He uses Citadel Screaming Bell on the edges of the plates. He also uses P3 Radiant Platinum on the small metal details.

metals are dirtyHe begins washing with Citadel Agrax Earthshade. At this point, he begins painting the operator on top with VGA Dead Flesh. He also goes over him with some Vallejo Rust Wash. After that, he uses some Vallejo Weathering Pigments on the bottom of the tanks plates to help add to the dirt feel. He also adds some Citadel Nihilahk Oxide to weather the copper colors.

exorcist doneNext, he takes some Vallejo Hot Orange and lightly went over the dirty/rusty areas. He also uses some black oil wash in the crevices.

And with that, the full Exorcist model is complete!

Watch the full video below, and be sure to follow eBay Miniature Rescues on YouTube now!

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