Super Glue Recall From Good Guy Games Workshop

salamander space marine wal horGames Workshop just issued a recall for their super glue going all the way back to 2011, in Canada only. Check out the latest.

If you live in Canada and recently bought some Citadel super glue from GW’s webstore, they’ve just announced a recall. Here’s everything you need to know.

GW Super Glue Recall For Canada (Only)

gw product recallCanada’s Citadel super glue

Warhammer 40,000 posted on their Facebook that there was a super glue recall for our hobbyists in Canada. Apparently, it went against Canada’s regulations on child-resistant caps. Note that if you click on your country from where you’re buying from, Canada has a different listing of superglue from other countries like the U.S

citadel super glue

USA Citadel Super Glue

If you live in Canada and notice that you’ve got a bottle of the super glue getting recalled, GW gave some instructions on what to do with it, and don’t worry, they’ll reimburse y0u: 

What To Do With Your Recalled Glue

citadel super glue recall pageYou have to peel the glue label and ship it back to the GW address provided above. And after that, you should get a $15 voucher or a $10.40 refund. It may slow down your hobby for a while, but if you do end up canning your glue, you can always run to the store and grab some other modeling glue for the time being. Remember that this is for Canadian hobbyists only currently.

With the recall going on, what’s another glue you’d recommend to people who still want to hobby and don’t want to wait? 

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