Proof Games Workshop Should Probably Slow Down (a bit)

cadian honor female guardsmanGW is going too fast for themselves and the proof is in the pudding. Check out some reasons why they should probably slow down…

It’s safe to say that 8th edition is the fastest we’ve ever seen 40k get in terms of new content releases. From new models to especially rules, there seems to be a growing opinion that GW is going too fast for themselves.

Please Slow Down GW: You’re Going Too Fast For Yourself

luther dark angels8th edition 40k has always been fast, sure. However, since the start of the entire Space Marine overhaul (with the 2.0 SM codex) and into Psychic Awakening, it’s pretty clear that GW is rushing their content out.

That’s even though it’s dropping into our hands faster than ever before. it seems like the community would probably prefer more proof-read content. Here are some of the biggest “overlooks” GW missed in their recent content releases that seemed to have pretty big effects…

Ritual of the damned book warhammer 40k rules


ritual of the damned lazarusOkay, so this didn’t have a huge effect on the tabletop. Although it did make us shake our heads… Lazarus, the new Primaris model that they previewed for weeks leading up to the new Ritual of the Damned expansion to Psychic Awakening didn’t even have his points printed in the book.

The editing team at GW must’ve missed it entirely and had to throw out an emergency pic on their Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page so people could even play with their model…



salamanders faq november 1Another big hit we saw came to the Salamanders and Imperial Fists only about a week after their book dropped. Two keywording issues were missed in the books. For Salamanders, they had a Stratagem, that when combined with Aggressors, could easily topple a Knight in overwatch with 1CP. They could do a mortal wound for each 4+ to wound when they fired… and there was no cap to the limit initially.

For the Imperial Fists, you used to be able to give an entire unit on an objective a 2++ invlun save. Of course, there was no way you were going to uproot that section of the map and it got fixed!  This very quickly changed the tactic of the armies that players had been hobbying on overnight.

We could keep going on with examples in Blood of the Phoenix and even the Iron Hands codex. However, for the sake of our argument, we think you get the point.

Sisters of Battle Codex Was a Win So Far

Sisters of battle wal horSisters of Battle, however, seems to have been a grand slam so far.  Once confirmed by GW this was a project where the designers were crystal clear, and engaging with the community at large.. We would see bi-weekly to monthly reveals showing the progress of the models.

On top of that, a beta codex came out in Chapter Approved 2018 where fans could playtest some of the rules. Once again, the community responded, and the end product was an entire army that’s been roughly one-and-a-half to two years in the making.

Sisters of battle changes 2020Thier FAQ dropped recently and there was no change that completely blew a unit out of the water in terms of competitiveness. Nor did it really make the current codex out of date. Just some wargear/unit tweaks and some keywording on a Forge World unit we all saw coming.

The proof is in the pudding GW! When you take your time, you seem to put out a better product! 

Up next is the Forge World updates for Warhammer 40k, and we are very hopeful that GW slows down, and takes their time with this one. Nothing says feelsbadsies like having your hundred to thousand dollar model NERFed into oblivion because of an oopsie…

rob titans small forge world

With the same rules team for Psychic Awakening and all the Space Marine codexes writing the Forge World 8th edition update, what are you hoping they’ll fix? Will they take their time with the project or pump it out only to have a huge FAQ drop shortly after? 

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group, and make sure you enter the latest monthly giveaway for FREE today!

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