Sons of Behemat Confirmed for Age of Sigmar (sort of)

By Rob Baer | February 12th, 2020 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors

stormcast on dracoth sigmar vandus wal horGW isn’t slowing down one bit. Check out what was just spotted pretty much-confirming Sons of Behemat are coming for Age of Sigmar!

Hot of  Games Workshop’s previews at the LVO Las Vegas Open it looks like Son’s of Behemat are indeed a “read thing”.

lvo preview

Las Vegas Open 2020

We saw a ton of previews already from GW for the 2020 release calendar at the new years open, and have been hearing a ton of rumors about new point elves, Psychic Awakening and more. But right now, we’re going to step inside the world of specialist games looking at what’s on the way to Blackstone Fortress first.

Why Blackstone Fortress instead of Giant Gargants for Sons of Behemat? Read on!

Goats? Boats? No, Zoats in Blackstone Fortress!

In the same video speaking about the Zoat for Blackstone Fortress, the design crew was mentioning (jokingly) releases that have just came out. However, one of the last answers was The Sons of Behemat. Which we heard just recently in a part of some shipping document rumors.

sons of behemat

Could that have been GW throwing the rumor-mongers a bone and nudging the community that there is something else coming for Age of Sigmar?

Gargant Giants Releases for AoS SPOTTED!

GargantsColossalCrushers01As of right now, the Gargants are all piled into the Gloomspite Gitz Battletome and only come with two different options. You’ve got the Aleguzzler Gargants and the Bonegrinder Gargant. But a recent snapshot of what looks to be some kind of shipping document might suggest that we’re getting more. Specifically, The Sons of Behemat.

If you didn’t know, here’s a little lore for ya. Behemat is this legendary godbeast that dwells from the realm of Ghur. A realm based on savagery and massive powerful beasts. But he apparently had a few sons who were Gargants. And although they were brutes, they also claimed territory and built “cities” of their own that spanned across a ton of land.

sons of behemat shipping documentTitled Warscroll cards Sons of Behemat, as of right now, it looks like we’re just getting a few new data entries possibly for the new Gargant kits. However, it wouldn’t make much sense to skip out on the opportunity to bring new Gargant kits to the table especially if they went through the task of writing new rules.

Sons of Behemat Battletome??!

sons of behemat (2)

Yep, it looks like in addition to warscroll cards, the Sons of Behemat will be getting a Battletome as well as we can see from this port manifest spotted today.

sons of behemat manifest

Plus some of these rumor engines could be possible Gargant kits we have yet to see as well. Keep in mind those won’t show up on the port manifests unless they are imported from China (like some terrain kits are).

rumor engine 9-10-2019Gargants love their ale, and it looks like this rumor engine has some kind of tavern sign tied to another chunk of wooden debris. Possibly Gargant armor?

rumor engine 11-19-2019This looks like it could be an old stone pillar that’s been turned into a brutal meat tenderizer. It looks too big to be something for an Ogor/Orruk but still puts off the Destruction vibe. This makes it a decent contender as a new Gargant weapon.

With all of this taken into consideration, what kind of rules, and/or new models do you think Sons of Behemat will get?

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