Tzeentch & Kharadron Overlords FAQ (again, lol)

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new in the faq gwAnother new FAQ is here! The second time is the charm for Tzeentch and the Kharadron Overlords in Age of Sigmar. Check out the latest!

Warhammer Community walked back and re-updated the recent Tzeentch and the Kharadron Overlords FAQ. While we’ll be going over some of the highlights, be sure to check out all the updates yourself.

Disciples of Tzeentch FAQ 2

Tzeentch errata

For Destiny Dice, the big kicker here is that whatever you swap out as your roll for things like armor saves and battleshock, that roll will get modified. It didn’t explicitly say in the past that you would apply the rend for a save to the new die result from the Destiny Dice pool. However, GW just clarified things there which is good because getting back a block of horrors just to re-split them down again could be kind of abusive.

Kharadron Overlords FAQ 2

Kharadron overlord errata

Developer’s Commentary is always welcome. This doesn’t actually change anything, it’s mostly just a clarification: Basically, when deploying Battalions and garrisoned units, you still deploy when they should. If you want them inside the Skyvessel, but they are in a different battalion, you can opt to place them inside as long as the Skyvessel is down first.

With these rules gone over, we have to raise the question… Why so many updates so quickly? Don’t get me wrong, fixes are a good thing and its great that they are on top of it. At the same time though, shouldn’t they get it right the first time?

It isn’t a matter of it took months to figure out this one loophole that someone started to abuse.

Here’s our editorial from last week if you want to read where we pointed out how GW did a great job with the Sister’s codex, but not many other books this year.

cadian honor female guardsman

Please Slow Down GW: You’re Going Too Fast For Yourself

After looking at the latest update, what in your Tzeentch  or Kharadron Overlords since the latest FAQ? Will you be swapping your strategy now? 

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