No Adepticon? No Problem! Top 40k Showcases From 2013

By Wesley Floyd | March 24th, 2020 | Categories: Adepticon 2013, Armies on Parade, Army Showcase

knights of titanIt’s been a hot minute since the 2013 Adepticon, but the armies from this year are still incredible. Check out some top picks for what was spotted.

2020’s Adepticon has been canceled. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t look back at previous events and pull out some top armies! Here are ten of some of the coolest armies spotted from 2013 Adepticon

Top 10 Adepticon 2013 40k Showcases

Adepticon 2020Keep in mind that photo-taking has drastically improved over the years. Give some of these showcases some slack when you check them out.

10. Chaos Unchained: CSM & Daemon Soup

chaos unchained

9. Daemon Engine Galore: Dope Chaos Conversions

Daemon Engine Galore

8. Dark Angels Showcase: Defenders of the Temple

defenders of the temple

7. Knights of Titan: These Grey Knights Are Bad to the Bone

knights of titan

6. Heralds of Darkness: Chaos Army Showcase

heralds of darkness

5. Glory to Fenris: Space Wolves Rocking Termies

glory to fenris

4. Wade Into The Polluted Sea: Death Guard Showcase

under the polluted sea

3. Extra Big Bugs: Tyranids Break Out the Big Pincers

Extra big bugs

2. From a Cobalt Tomb World: Necron Showcase

from a cobalt tomb world

1. In Your Face Chaos! Bright Green Chaos Showcase

in your face chaosIt’s great to see how much the hobby has grown over the years by looking back at some past armies. Some people have been in the hobby world for quite a while and their armies really help show off their talent! Great job on these armies that are almost ten years old now!

What’s your favorite army from above? Have you sold your old collection? Or is it packed away in safe-keeping? 

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