Secret Airbrush Techniques: Shading & Stencils

shading and stencils airbrushWyatt is back with more painting secrets! This time he’s showing us some “secret” Airbrush Techniques for miniature shading and stencils!

Jack of Clubs Painting is a regular here and normally shows us how to paint our favorite models. This time though, he’s giving us some of the techniques he uses regularly with his airbrush while painting one of his new models.

Secret Airbrush Techniques: Shading & Stencils

robo model primedFirst up prime the model a neutral brown. Nothing too special here.

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robo setup modulationNext, take some black primer and do some pre-shading on all the dark or shadowy areas. After that do the opposite with white primer pre-highlighting the bright and highest areas. This is setting up a technique called color modulation, we can abuse this undercoat by using semi-transparent paint to give it shading, instead of the usual method of layering paints.

robo base airbrush doneThe first color is Ammo by MIG Dunkelgelb and a generous amount of flow improver to heavily thin it down. Take that same paint with a little less thinner on the brighter areas just to tint it ever so slightly. Cremeweiss by AK Interactive is the next color ad we can use that to apply a realistic highlight on the brightest areas.

robo varnishedNow we can do the first of the brush painting with Pro Acryl Burnt Red on some of the armor panels. Follow that up with the airbrush again, this time with Pro Acryl Bold Pyrrol Red and just do a center highlight on those armor panels we painted red. After this step spray varnish over the model to protect the progress thus far.

robo stencilNext up, use a checkerboard stencil and some cardboard to stencil in the shoulder pads. With that in place just airbrush over the top. Follow that with a layer of gloss varnish.

With that, the painting is done! If you want to hear more of Wyatt’s insights, watch the full video tutorial below!

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