9th Edition 40k Army Builder Points App Saturday!

marneus wal hor primarisDon’t forget the new 9th Edition 40k Army Builder app is coming this Saturday when preorders for Indomitus go live on Games Workshop’s website!

We first saw the announcement officially made on Warhammer Community. GW is dropping a new army builder app constructed around 9th Edition’s points system. While this is exciting, don’t forget that we saw an app like this during 8th Edition called Combat Roster which was a complete flop compared to popular apps like Battlescribe.

Hopefully, this time around Games Workshop will get it right!

UPDATE: We saw GW make a new announcement on the status of the 40k army builder. It looks like we’ll have to wait a few weeks more from what we were expecting.

9th Edition 40k Army Builder Points App Saturday!

40k 30 Yrs Primaris Sergeant Wal

9th edition points valuesWith a new Edition rolling in, it looks like most things across armies is going up a couple of points. Here is a teaser on Intercessors and Cultists. Cultist spam lists are about to get a lot more expensive in the grand scheme of things. Meanwhile, lists that rely on Intercessors might also have to drop a unit to make up for the points increase. Both units are going up three and two points per model respectively

This should all be current on the 9th Edition army builder app.

40k appSo what are the details on the new app?

On the same day that the Warhammer 40,000 pre-orders go live, a new app will be launched alongside it, providing several cool features to help you, including a full matched play army builder. The new app will do a number of things to assist players with their games, but one of the most useful will be the ability to build army lists using the updated points values and Detachments

Before we even get a rulebook in our hands. it looks like we’ll be able to start plugging units into the app and seeing their updated points cost! There are still a few details about the app that we don’t know. For example, will it be a subscription-based app or completely free?

As we close in on the Indomitus Box Set pre-order day, we should get a better idea on the app very soon.

sepulchre of heroes 40k army builder 9th memeDo you think we’ll see players flock to the official GW army builder? How long do you think it will take for Battlescribe to adjust all their points? What are some other features you’d like to see on the new app?

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