Good Guy GW Fixes Idomitus Orders: Box Set Now MTO

GW-Made-to-order-indomitusGames Workshop has swooped in to save the day-  everyone can get an Indomitus box that wants one as it’s on Made to Order (MTO) now!

Warhammer Community just made a huge announcement on Indomitus fixing the way they’ve handled the release, and it looks like they borrowed one of our suggestions on how to do it as well.  GW is setting things right and you have to applaud their positive actions to keep the community happy.

Good Guy GW Fixes Idomitus Orders: Box Set Now MTO

space marine walpaper bigIf you’re curious about everything that happened over the weekend, you can read it all in detail here. But moving on from what’s in the past, here’s the latest announcement good guy GW is doing to make sure all of their fans are happy.

Less than twelve hours after we mentioned how sweet it would be to see Indomitus go up on MTO as a way to make things right for folks, they’ve done just that. Here’s the latest on what you need to know.

indomitus MTOFrom Warhammer Community:

…we’ve heard quite a few of you had a frantic weekend of trying to secure yourself a copy – that wasn’t the plan, and we’re going to put it right.

Today, we’re going to be making Indomitus available as a Made to Order item for a limited time. If you missed out on the pre-order and/or aren’t able to make it to a store for launch day, you’ll still be able to secure a copy.

These will be limited to one per customer order, and we will be making them as fast as we can. We don’t have an exact delivery date just now, but it might be up to 120 days before you receive your copy.

Three major things to note here are:

  • Indomitus is up for MTO right now.
  • You can only buy one per order.
  • It could take roughly four months to get.

While there’s something to be desired in the wait time, at least players that want an Indomitus Box Set have guaranteed ability to get their hands on one.

 On That Note, Order Local If You Can

gw storeBecause no business has been spared from feeling the effects of COVID, if you’ve got a local store, you may want to order from them locally.

Stores that receive shipments from GW have access to MTO goods and can be shipped there for you to pick up once your order does finally come in. Any kind of support given to your LGS is good support in our opinion and one of the reasons most of us probably play the game in the first place, right?

While they aren’t getting the initial amount they may have expected with Indomitus’ release, at least you can do your part in placing an order for Indomitus at your LGS!

It’s nice to see that GW was quick and responsive to the community-at-large on this massively anticipated Box Set.

With all of this announced, will you be placing an MTO order for an Indomitus Box? What’s your favorite kit out of the set?

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