Grand Tournament & 9th 40k Rulebook Missions Are Different

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Angels of death wal space marine horThere are some big differences between the two sets of missions in the Grand Tournament supplement and the 9th Edition Warhammer 40k rulebook!

Before we jump in, we have to lay the groundwork on the two books that’ll be hitting 9th Edition. We’ve got the Grand Tournament book that will be geared solely on tournament/Matched play games. Then the 9th Edition rulebook is also going to have missions for Matched Play, however, it also covers the breadth of different game sizes, Open Play, Narrative Play, and Crusade.

With that said, there are a few missions that both of the books share, but if you’re wanting to have all of the scenarios at your disposal, you’ll need both books.

Also speaking of books, the Chapter Approved/ GT supplement is about the same size as Rob’s hand:

Chapter Approved 40k 2020 book size

Grand Tournament & 9th 40k Rulebook Missions Are Different

imperial fist space marine walWe’ve compared the pages that we’ve seen out of both books and found that the missions differ a little bit. There are a couple of missions that are found in both books but if you want to get the most out of 9th Edition with scenarios, you’ll want both books. Here’s the breakdown:

The Missions That the Books Share

scorched earth


vital intelligence


retrieval mission

These missions are ones that can be found in the 9th Edition rulebook and bleed over into the Grand Tournament books (which by the way, is only supported by 1,000 and 2,000 pt games). Now here are the missions that are exclusive to their own books:

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 Missions in Grand Tournament ONLY

Chapter Approved 9thThese were all spotted earlier on Imgur earlier. If you want to check out all the details on the missions as well as deployment, be sure to head there and read over all the details.

As for the mission names, there are:

  • Surround and Destroy
  • The Scouring
  • Battle Lines
  • Sweep and Clear
  • Priority Target

9th Edition Rule Book Eternal War Missions ONLY

9th Edition 40k exclusive rulebookThese will be found in the core rulebook for 9th Edition, which also covers everything outside of Matched Play. If you plan on running a Crusade campaign, or even anything outside of 1-2k pt games, you’ll need this book. The mission details are all also on Imgur:

front-line warfareNote that the page layout for the missions is different in the core rulebook from the Grand Tournament.

  • Front-Line Warfare
  • No Man’s Land
  • The Four Pillars

Overall, there are only three unique missions inside of the Core Book that you may or may not be able to live without. If you’re one of the Matched Play tournament junkies, you can still probably get by without the core book being an absolute necessity.

Will you be grabbing both of the books? Are you most excited about the new Matched Play meta or starting a Crusade campaign?

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