GW Updates 9th Edition 40k FAQs Again to “Indomitus 1.1”

new warhammer 40k faqTime to check your army again, as GW just updated their days’ old 9th Edition 40k FAQs over to Indomitus 1.1 versions, which are kind of confusing to say the least…

Coming from Warhammer Community, a wide span of codexes and Psychic Awakening books have just been FAQed. Keep in mind this is after a bigger FAQ just days ago that brought old rules wording up-to-speed with the 9th Edition lingo.

GW Updates 9th Edition 40k FAQs to “Indomitus 1.1”

Sisters of Battle


july faq 1First, we have to talk about the odd spread of these FAQs. It looks like a very select amount of books were updated.

july faq 2Some of the “newer” Psychic Awakening books got updated as well as both Deathwatch and Harlequin factions that were a part of the White Dwarf releases.

july faq 3However, other codexes and older Psychic Awakening books didn’t get touched at all. Definitely an odd spread of books to FAQ. Now let’s look at what’s changed.

july faqOne very important thing to note is that it looks like some changes were made but they aren’t in magenta like usual. For example, it seems like Ghazghkull can advance and charge in the same turn with the inclusion of the Monster keyword.

kustom jobStaying on the Orks, it looks like they were nerfed as you have to pay points to have a Mekboy Workshop if you want to use the Kustom Job Stratagem.

Because nothing has been highlighted as “new” we encourage everyone to dig into the FAQ pages for your own factions and read through everything slowly.

The main takeaways are that some things have definitely changed but why so many books were passed over, we can’t say for sure…

What do you see that’s changed in your army? Is this FAQ mainly just a further tweak to nip future rules concerns in the bud in 9th Edition?

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