New Primaris Bladeguard Veterans SPOTTED!

new warhamemr 40k models miniatures wal horBladeguard Veterans are one of the most anticipated kits for Primaris inside Indomitus, and now new models from the look to have just been spotted!

The new Bladeguard pictures have been making rounds across the internet on sites like Miniwars. However, all of the different angles we currently have of them have been thrown together on the forums of Bolter and Chainsword. Let’s go over all the details.

Indomitus Bladeguard Veterans

Bladeguard Veterans whiteThe Bladeguard Vets inside Indomitus aren’t exactly “ETB” (east to build), but like most kits in Box Sets, they have fixed poses and wargear. We’ve got pics of their stats and sprues below.

Bladeguard Veteran sprue


Bladeguard Veterans statsWhen it comes to stats and wargear, these guys all have storm shields and power swords to get down and dirty in close combat. Note the change to the storm shield rules also. Instead of a 3++ invuln, it’s +1 Armor Save and a 4++ invuln. At the end of the day, on the charge, these dudes will be getting a ton of close combat attacks.

For Chapters like Blood Angels, Black Templars, and White Scars, Bladeguard Vets are going to be really scary. Now let’s jump into the latest pics of the unit that looks to be multipart.


New Primaris Bladeguard Veterans SPOTTED!

bladeguard veteran multipart 1Right away, you can tell that these Bladeguard are different from the ones inside the Indomitus Box. The Sergeant has a plasma pistol and everyone is helmetless. It’s a little difficult to see in this pic, but the Bladeguard Vets also have scabbards for their swords. That’s something that the Bladeguard from Indomitus don’t seem to have.

bladeguard veteran multipart 2You can see a better shot of the scabbard on this Dark Angels Bladeguard. It looks like it’s held on the hip by some chains.

After seeing these two pics, the main point to note is that the sergeant is getting access to a plasma pistol. We don’t know of any other wargear options out there for the multipart unit in the future. However, adding a S8 2-damage shot to the unit that can be fired in close combat is a definite bonus to lethality.

So chances are this may be the models from what most hobbyists assume will be a multi-part Bladeguard Veteran kit release later on this summer or fall.

Indomitus Box Set: PRE ORDER

As of this writing, the price has settled back down on the Indomitus starter set as well, and Amazon currently has a supply marked for release on July 25th with a delivery date of July 30th 2020.

Indomitus box

Indomitus is a phenomenal set. The culmination of some of the best work our miniatures, rules, lore and art teams have ever made, this box takes everything that makes Warhammer 40,000 incredible and puts it in one place. Two huge collections of amazing, brand-new models are packaged with the full Core Book – everything a 40K hobbyist needs to hit the ground running in the new edition. 

We’ve got a pretty good guess on how much value the 9th Edition 40k Idomintus Box Set has inside.

What do you think about the multipart kits? Do you like the poses and scabbard option for the sword? Would you also like to see another melee weapon option for the unit?

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